Your Concerns For 2021

One year ago I asked you for your concerns going into 2020. Here’s what you said – in order of priority:

  1. Losing trust in government. Corruption thereof.
  2. Intensifying anti-2A
  3. The 2020 election
  4. Big Tech censorship
  5. The economy

When you listed your concerns, we were only a month or two away from the Covid. Wow. Who would’ve foreseen the upside-down world that followed…

The initial predictions that so many millions of us were going to die (thankfully this was not the case!). No more toilet paper. Then no more LOTS of things… The subsequent devastation to so many small/medium businesses (some more than others). Job losses. The lockdowns. Working from home. Shutdowns. Tyrannical politicians. The replacement of real science with political science. A fear mongering mainstream press. Masks. Faceless people. Isolation. The coming forced vaccinations. A global opportunity to usher in their new world order – the so called ‘great reset’ as it unfolds to a compliant population. And more…

2020 Recap of your predictions / concerns

Your #1 concern (government corruption) was / is entirely valid. What a cesspool of swamp creatures. Disgusting. NO ONE gets in trouble or goes to jail. Ever. We have witnessed the greatest unveiling of this deep rooted corruption on a scale never before seen.

Your #2 concern (anti-2A), well, it absolutely will be a guaranteed high concern as we proceed into 2021 “if” a certain Trojan Horse gets into the White House after Jan.20 (remains to be seen).

Your #3 concern, the 2020 election. WOW. Indeed. Look where we’re at… A HUGE pivotal time in American history. Are we on the road to commie nation? Or will we have a few more years to stop it?

Which leads me to your #4 concern, Big Tech and their censorship of “our” viewpoints on the largest online platforms in the world. It’s only going to get much, much worse.

The economy. Well Covid certainly threw a giant wrench into those works… The money that has been printed and thrown at this problem is simply astounding. The spigot is wide open. What will the consequences be?

What About 2021?

Okay, that was your 2020 wrap-up. You did pretty good. But what about 2021?

Where are we headed? List your concerns and/or predictions.


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