Will Biden Be Red Meat For Trump During The Presidential Debates?

The first presidential debate between Trump and Biden is tonight. Part of me cringes at the spectacle about to unfold.

Why? Because there is no dispute that Joe Biden is well into dementia. His strokes and age have taken their toll on the man. How he is the democrat nominee for president is beyond me. Stunning, really.

Given Trump’s nature, Biden is going to be “red meat” for the carnivore appetite tonight. It (sort of) makes me cringe at the notion…

Biden’s gaffs are all over the internet. It’s sad. But this is his chosen place, right now. So he’s going to get what’s coming. His choice.


Biden has several major problems during this debate

(and the other debates – if he’s still allowed to present in public)…

  1. Obvious dementia
  2. Severe memory recall issues
  3. Difficulty putting coherent sentences together
  4. Listening to the answers in his earpiece will be distracting
  5. People with dementia tend to have sharp anger issues – which we may see
  6. The likelihood of making some terrible “gaffs”
  7. The American people seeing his mental decline
  8. The pressure of the 90 minute debate could be a big health risk on live TV (lets hope not)
  9. Potential for losing some democrat voters due to his “issues” on display
  10. People will realize that they’re actually voting for Harris, not Biden

Trump also has some potential issues during the debates:

  1. If Joe really looks bad (depending on how well his meds can disguise it), there will be sympathy for him, to an extent
  2. Trump does not hold his tongue. He could make the sympathy factor worse, depending on his attacks
  3. It’s a near certainty that Biden will be thrown softball questions, which he has rehearsed
  4. It is a certainty that Trump will be thrown hard balls, curve balls, accusations, whatever it takes to trip him up
  5. The mainstream news media will proclaim Biden the winner, regardless

How do you think this will all unfold during the debates?

Will you be tuning in?

This may be the most watched presidential debates ever. Why? Because it will be a spectacle, given Trump’s personality and Biden’s dementia. People will tune in just to see the circus…


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