What To Prepare For In 2021: 4 Things To Prioritize

As we head off into the next year it is clear that we will have to navigate challenges, like any other year. Let’s look at 4 highly likely things that we need to prepare for in 2021.

Important Things to Prepare for in 2021

We are closing the books in 2020 in just a month and a half. Many people are happy about this because it has been a nightmare for most. There is this strange illusion that we are going to wake up on January 1st and everything will have changed.

The reality is that many of the problems we are dealing with are still going to be here and we might have even more problems come January 20th!

Don’t be complacent. Focus on these four things when ushering in the year 2021:

1. Firearms Restrictions and Pricing Increases

The consistent attack on the 2nd amendment rights is not going away in 2021 and will likely be exacerbated. All over the nation, there are senators and representatives calling for increased taxes on firearms, licensing, and many other ways to assure that the government gains unprecedented control over your firearms.

2021 will be a good year to prepare for a contingency if your state or the nation as a whole makes massive moves on the 2nd Amendment.

2. Economic Collapse

Economic Collapse | What To Prepare For In 2021: Things To Prioritize

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown did some serious damage to the nation’s economy. While we are seeing some rebound from the stock market, there is an undeniable reckoning that we must face due to all of these stores, restaurants, and other industries that have gone under.

We have a long way to go and under a new administration, there is a good chance we will have some rough years ahead of us. If the energy sector is checked and the mom and pops are not helped, then there will be massive effects that will ripple across the nation and the world!

Economic collapse could be on the horizon, and there is no better motivating factor to deal with than that to keep you on your toes and prepping.

3. Pandemic Job Loss

Pandemic Job Loss | What To Prepare For In 2021: Things To Prioritize

As I mentioned, a serious part of this pandemic and lockdown reckoning will be job loss. I don’t think we have seen the full effect of the pandemic job loss yet. I don’t assume we know all of the sectors and industries that have been affected by the lockdowns and drop off in business.

That being said, we just do not know how secure any of our jobs are! So, you have to ask yourself if you are ready to lose your job.

What would you do if your major source of income were cut off? Do you have a backup plan of some kind of savings that can float you until your next job? What if your next job was five months away in a tightened job market?

Now is the time to prepare for what I call the personal apocalypse. The year 2021 is just the right kind of year to experience a serious emergency in your own life. Sometimes, it’s not only a nation that collapses, it’s your home, job, or health that has a tremendous effect on life.

4. Vaccine Fallout

Vaccine Fallout | What To Prepare For In 2021: Things To Prioritize

Pfizer has announced that they have a vaccine that will deliver us from the COVID nightmare. For those who are only looking at this issue on the surface, that means it’s a time to celebrate! They do not consider the efficacy of the flu vaccine and the repercussions of vaccines in general.

With authoritarian state and federal governments hard at work, there are many people who are concerned about what the vaccine means.

Will this be a mandated vaccine? If so, what does that look like? What is your game plan if your state says that you have to take the vaccine or you cannot go to work? What if your child has to take it to go to school?

Have you considered a mandated vaccine that you simply cannot afford to take?


Every year is a mish-mash of issues. 2020 has been highlighted by some terrifying issues in the nation. The lockdown was a terrifying precedent that may cost as many lives as the virus would have.

We have seen lives shattered by the lockdown because of job loss. Basic healthcare screenings have also been way down so we cannot know what that means for the death rate due to the lockdown.

We have a lot to answer in 2021, and one of the very best things to do is to prepare for it all.

Get your food storage up to par, create an emergency fund in case you lose your job, be prepared to defend your family in an economic collapse. And perhaps, even devise an evacuation plan to deal with the fallout from the very worst-case scenario in 2021.

If you are prepared and 2021 goes smoothly, then you get to sleep with peace of mind. If we just keep riding in the 2020 lane of chaos and disaster, then you will be way ahead of the game.

What other important things do you think you should prepare for in 2021? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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