What To Keep ON or IN Your Bedside Table Nightstand For Preparedness

A short list of things to keep nearby when you sleep. Ideally on (or in), or nearby your bedside table or nightstand.

Why? Because disaster can strike quickly. Because your personal security could become “front and center” real quick in the night. It just makes sense to be prepared.

What threats should you be especially ready for at zero-dark-thirty?

Primarily FIRE or INTRUDER.

Quick Access Lamp

Most people have some sort of lamp at their nightstand. But if you don’t, then get one.


Similarly, and in addition, keep a flashlight on your bedside table nightstand. I keep a smallish tactical size flashlight there at all times.

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Fire Extinguisher

You are wakened by the screaming of a smoke detector. As you try and focus while your sleepy mind begins to race – you wonder if it’s a false alarm? Do you smell smoke?

Keep a fairly good size fire extinguisher near your bed. It will help you egress if you need to get through a bad situation!

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Your Vehicle Key Fob

It’s a good habit to leave your car’s key fob on the nightstand. Why? Because most all of them have an alarm function for the vehicle. Press the button and the car alarm starts screeching. Good security, just in case.


Safely keep a gun within quick reach. Got kids? Keep a handgun in a quick access safe.

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Extreme Caution

Anyone else living in the house? Then KNOW WHERE THAT SHOT MAY GO! (through walls). Even the smallest loads will go through at least two walls. Got neighboring houses next door? Again, KNOW YOUR BACKDROP. The best way to reduce over-penetration is to hit what you are shooting at.

Preemptively determine safe “lanes of fire” in your residence.

In creating those safe lanes of fire, you are looking for backstops that will physically stop a bullet better than drywall. In the event of a miss, a book case, a bath tub, or some heavy kitchen appliances will stop most pistol rounds.

Develop multiple positions of ambush to deal with intruders in your residence. Ideally those ambush spots will place the intruder in between you and a piece of hard cover that will stop a pistol bullet.

But ultimately, the true solution to the problem of over-penetration is to become more proficient with your defensive firearm. If you don’t miss, there will be very little need for any other precautions.

Ear Muffs

Speaking of keeping a gun at your bedside… should you ever actually need to use it (inside), your eardrums will certainly suffer damage. I keep a set of electronic ear muffs along with my handgun at the nightstand. They GREATLY amplify ambient sounds too (while muffling a ‘bang’ above 85dB should it occur).

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Pepper Spray

If a gun is not an option for you, at least keep a canister of pepper spray.

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Cell Phone

Need to call 911? That would not be good if your cell phone is downstairs or in another room when an intruder is in your house! Or, a FIRE situation when your house is burning!

Any more thoughts?


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