What I Did To Prep This Week: October 18th 2020 – October 24th 2020

Hello Pack. Once again I hope you all have had a productive and informative week of prepping. We had three new additions to our survival homestead this week: the Guernsey bull calf shown in the feature photo above, and a breeding pair of mini donkeys.

Guernseys are an excellent dairy cow breed. Chevy, as my daughter named him (I would have preferred Dodge if we were naming him in honor of the best trucks on our hill) follows everyone around like a puppy and loves receiving affection.

Our hope is to leave him intact for breeding purposes. But, I am NOT going to deal with an aggressive bull on our survival homestead and deal with copious amounts of additional fence repairs or safety concerns once he matures. Time will tell what his future holds, at this point.

The miniature donkeys shown in the photo below have not yet melded into our existing herd of little donkeys. The calf instantly made friends with one mini Jennie and a miniature gelding horse. The new mini donkeys are quite tame and seem to trust us, but are keeping to themselves thus far. The Jennie has been bred, but is not due until late spring.

I consider the miniature donkeys valuable preps because they kick and chase coyotes for sport. Protecting our meat, egg, and work livestock from predators both now and during a SHTF is always a top priority.

Miniature donkeys are quite popular in our region, both due to their predator thwarting abilities and as farm pets because they are pretty dang cute. Selling offspring is a good side hustle that will generate extra income that can be used for preps or funneled back into ongoing projects on the survival homestead.

As we are inching closer to election day, I am sure what type of chaos may occur in the aftermath is weighing on our minds and influencing our preps.

The pandemic has turned into a highly political issue, and will likely remain so until at least election day. There is a plethora of speculation about how the intensity of media coverage and pontificating by liberal politicians will wane or increase after the outcome of the presidential election is known.

Our governor just recently declared that his offices will remain closed in Ohio until May, and other elected officials are starting to follow suit. Now, while I feel the people are best served with as little intrusion as possible by the government, those public servants we are paying should not be huddled away at home, and giving us virtually no effort for our tax dollars.

Democrats in Ohio have been eagerly embracing Mike DeWine, while Republicans and Constitutional Libertarians like myself who voted for him are counting down the days until he is out of office. Despite the decree from Governor DeWine, I have never worn a mask to walk in anywhere, and will continue to use common sense and not panic to guide my efforts to remain healthy.

There are about 25 total cases of Covid 19 in my county where the vast majority of the population has not worn a mask. Yet, in an adjacent county, where mask wearing by almost everyone for months has been the norm, they are at a “level 3” for cases and climbing.

Sure doesn’t sound like that thin layer of fabric works out as well as liberal politicians that slip off their face covering when they think we aren’t looking, think.

A recall petition to get rid of DeWine early over his pandemic shutdown and reopening policies is currently in circulation. As I noted, the pandemic has become a starkly dividing issue around the country.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How do you work to keep your livestock safe from predators now and plan to keep them safe when depending upon them to feed your family during a long-term disaster?
  2. What do you think will happen post election if President Trump wins re-election from a rioting and pandemic perspective?
  3. What do you think will happen in the country and to the country if Joe Biden wins the presidential election?


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