What I Did To Prep This Week: November 1st 2020 – November 7th 2020

Hello Pack. We have not gotten a lot of prepping done this week because – like I am sure most (if not all) of you are, have been glued to the news. I am writing this column the Friday after election day, and we still do not know who truly won the race. I doubt by the time you read this over the weekend, we will still have no answer to that extremely important question.

At the beginning of each month I change the phrase on this cool little message board our daughter got for me last Christmas. I believe the notation that I made this week, as shown in the feature photo, fits how all patriots are feeling at this point in the history of our great republic.

Not only has the turmoil of the election been a bad turn of events, we have had a series of other unfortunate incidents here on our survival homestead this week. First, Bobby was doing some work on our farm road and his huge old Massey Ferguson tractor slid off the road, and went through the fence and at least 20 feet down a steep incline backwards.

Thankfully, my beloved was able to jump off the tractor and land on the road – mostly in a pile of leaves, before it went completely down the hillside.

Seeing that tractor backwards down the hill after the fact made me sick to my stomach, thinking about what could have happened.

The “tractor incident”, which it will be forever called here on our homestead (largely because Bobby is still in trouble for not being what we call ‘my degree of careful’ when working the land), followed the injuries of two goats.

Two of my Pygora goats were just fine one second, and a few feet away from me and literally a few seconds later both suffered leg injuries – and potentially a hip injury.

All I can figure is Andy (a horse) stepped back on them or kicked them as they ran about his legs during morning turn out and feed time.

Neither goat made a noise that I could hear. I did not even know anything had happened until I saw Hank (Pygora buckling) scooting down toward where I was walking down to the chickens.

I was afraid his hip or back injuries were so severe he would have to be put down. Magnolia was limping along behind them with a front leg dangling up from the ground.

I wanted to stall them right then, but they moved pretty quickly for injured goats and went up the hill with the herd. I didn’t not want to chase after them and make their injuries worse. Hank can walk with a limp for a while and then starts dragging that entire back leg again.

Eventually, Bobby and I got the goats and put them in a stall to look over their injuries further. I think Magnolia will be just fine, and maybe limp a little bit.

Hank, we are still not sure what is going on with him. He does not flinch or make a pain noise when feeling around his hip, back, or leg. I am hoping it is a tendon and muscle issue or a pinched nerve that will heal over time.

So overall, a pretty bad week here on our survival homestead – I sure hope yours was better. Though, I am not sure how anyone could have a decent week since we could lose the best United States President since I was a very young girl, and Ronald Reagan was elected.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How long do you think it will be until there are certified election results and who do you think will be sworn into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021?
  2. Do you think election fraud is occurring in one or multiple states and why?
  3. If Trump becomes the victor, do you think there will be rioting and how is this notion impacting our preps?


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