What I Did To Prep This Week: February 7th 2021 – February 13th 2021

Hello Pack. I hope none of you are snowed in – or if you are, are enjoying the heck out of being home, and away from the rest of the world for a while. I have completely lost track of how many inches of snow we have gotten this week.

Other than plowing the driveway and daily critter chores at the barnyard, we have not done any work outside this week. Our high so far was about 28, and the wind chill made it feel so much colder. After even the briefest of outdoor chores we came back inside and hugged the woodstove.

Our daughter closes on the modular home she is putting up here on our land tomorrow, so that has been an exciting bit of news for us this week. No more living in the tiny house cabin with just 500 square feet for her and her husband and three kids. Trying to get the well and septic tank work done in this weather has been a battle.

Other than canning some chili this week and doing more garden planning, the only other self-reliance work we did was for the Old School Survival Boot Camp event.

In the feature photo you can see my beloved Bobby working hard on mapping out where all of the event tents will go, and getting the classes held partially or fully in each all figured out.

We are going to be able to put out a preliminary schedule for the event this weekend. As soon as I think there will not be anything more to add to the schedule, I am contacted by an amazing expert on a topic that we could still use – and completely mess up Bobby’s schedule.

I am about to have no choice but to stop doing that because we will be out of tent space and have bought out all of the event tents except one huge one that costs $3,000 a day, from the local rental place.

This camp is a labor of love that I cannot wait to enjoy. I have met so many amazing newbie and seasoned preppers and survival homesteaders while promoting this event and answering questions. I am very much looking forward to getting to know them all better in May.

Being so busy with Old School Survival Boot Camp planning, I have not been able to focus on the news Bobby has on television all evening.

I think my blood pressure is as close to being back normal since it has been on election night. I am so worried about the future of our great republic, and angry about what this once great nation is rapidly becoming.

This Weeks Questions:

  1. How has all this extreme winter weather impacted your preps or caused you to alter your prepping plan?
  2. What garden planning and preparations are you working on?
  3. What do you think is in store for America in the months to come?


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