What I Did To Prep This Week: December 5th 2020 – December 11th 2020

Merry Christmas, Pack. I hope you are gathered with loved ones and celebrating the joy of the season. 2020 sure has been one hell of a year. I would like to hope it was not merely a coming attraction trailer for what 2021 has in store – but with Joe Biden looking more like he will be sworn into the Oval Office next month, I fear that is the worst is yet to come.

We have gotten a little snow around here this week, but not the mega storm the weather guy was forecasting. Our preps this week have mostly been Old School Survival Boot Camp and barnyard related. We went to the monthly agricultural society board meeting, and updated them about how our plans are progressing and solidified the camping rates they want to charge.

Three survival and bushcraft experts from North Carolina to Mississippi have contacted us this week to ask to be a presenter. All three were awesome additions to the presenter lineup. I have spent a lot of time working with local potential vendors and demonstrators so they can share their skills, expertises, and their wares at the event, as well.

While 85 percent of the attendees of the Old School Survival Boot Camp will be from outside of our region, the more local folks who do attend, the better prepared our community will become during a disaster of either short or long duration.

The better prepared the folks around you are – even when you live in a secluded spot on lots of acreage like we do, the fewer people who will be desperately searching for food, water, medical aid, and shelter.

In our rural patch of heaven county, nearly every household contains at least a few guns, in addition to hunting, fishing, foraging, and gardening skills. These simple yet essential facts alone are the primary reason I consistently fail to understand why any prepper would not choose to live in a rural area.

Urban and suburban areas are just too full of the unprepared and liberal loons. It will take only a small spark for a city or pampered suburban area to erupt from the tiniest of flames – the marauding hordes will form quickly, my dear Pack members.

My Christmas wish for all Pack members who do not already call a rural zipcode home, is to seriously consider moving. There is nothing to lose by moving to a rural area – absolutely nothing that is at all important, but there is everything to gain.

  • You are not safe where you live, no matter how skilled you are on an individual level.
  • You can not provide for yourself in any sense of a sustainable way if you do not live in a rural area – there is just not the space or natural resources to do so.
  • You are not surrounded by like-minded or self-reliant people.

My Christmas wish for rural Pack members: in the giving spirit of the season, reach out to a non-rural Pack member you have grown to know well, even if it is virtually, and tell them more about your region.

Perhaps they will choose your little patch of heaven to move to and help bolster the survival tribe you are a part of, as well.

This Week’s Questions

  1. If Santa paid a visit on Christmas Eve to preppers, what three things would you like for him to bring you, and why?
  2. What are your predictions for the first three months of the new year related to Biden taking the oath of office and the pandemic?
  3. What did you do to prep this week?


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