What 2 feet of snow means on the farm.

The homesteader doesn’t always get to choose their day. A few times each week (I’m rounding, here) the farm chooses our day for us. There’s part of this uncertainty and unexpected that works in our favor: for example, when the dairy cow decides to have her calf, that’s a very welcomed and exciting surprise! It also means I will cancel my coffee date with a girlfriend or a meeting I had planned with my assistant.

The homestead chose my day. 

The same thing happened this past summer when we suffered (yes, I’m using that word on purpose) under 117 degree temperatures. In fact, we had such a hot summer we ended up with a 90 day stretch of over 90 degree temperatures. FOR NINETY DAYS WE MAXED OUT AT OVER 90 DEGREES. I’m using all caps so that you, too, can share in my shock of such weather. It gets hot here in the high desert of Central Washington, but even that is pretty dang hot for our area. And it went on, and on, and on. And I sweated A LOT. And I’m not a very glamorous sweater.

Those hot days meant we had to water and shade and constantly fuss over all the creatures and plants that were relying on us for survival – especially if we were hoping to harvest any of them. In the end, we only lost one very old chicken to the heat and some had burned peppers and nasturtiums – so a pretty good heat stretch all in all. 

Yesterday was a bit different. 

I’ve told my southern-husband about my memories of growing up here as a kid. I remember distinctly my Dad shoveling show off of our garage room after it reached over 3 feet deep. He shoveled it all into a huge pile and then let us slide off the garage roof onto the pile (safety standards were slightly different in the 90’s… as were many things). It’s a story I’ve told my kids that has gotten chalked up to being an old tale. There wasn’t any proof in the pudding, as they say. 

Until yesterday. 

Yesterday we woke up to find over 2 feet (28 inches, last we measured) of accumulated snow fall. The most we’ve gotten in a single night in a long, long while. 

Not sure what 2 feet of snow looks like? Let me show you! 


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