Was Trump put in place to Pacify Patriots, and Destroy the United States of America?

I know this isn’t going to be a popular post, I REALLY DON’T GIVE A SHIT. We’ve already been shadow banned from most social media platforms, and frankly we’ve never shied away from telling it like we see it, so why stop now?

For the last four years, time after time of being betrayed on the MAGA principles that we voted for, demented idol worshippers tried to attack us as being “liberal”, oddly for pointing out how Trump was screwing real patriots on things like the 2nd amendment, the Constitution, and breaking basically every campaign promise he ran on – the wall, locking her up, draining the swamp, etc…

It seems these mental midgets have zero clue of what they voted for, and just like their demented counterparts on the left, they just scream talking points and mantras the moment you say anything bad about their idols, after all, they don’t vote for the ideology, they vote for the idol!

It’s like George Carlin warned, it’s a BIG FUCKING CLUB and you ain’t in it!

It was NEVER 4D CHESS. And QAnon was a ruse to make you look stupid!

It’s now painfully obvious that the whole Q bullshit was a distraction to get the useful idiots all riled up, so they could make way for the downfall of our country.

It’s now a full year after the Chinese declared economic war, by using the China virus into scaring the United States into closing for business, and oddly there are still a whole lot of “MAGA folks” out there refusing to acknowledge they were played – as they mask up with their Americana Flag masks to make themselves feel better about complying!

The warning signs were there, why didn’t people listen?

Why did American Patriots tie their hopes and dreams to one man, and allow our country to go down in flames?

And then we have the good old China virus, where Trump rolled over and allowed our country to go into permanent lockdown.

Anyone remember 15 days to stop the spread, that has now become take your rights away forever?

If you look back on the Trump presidency, without worshipping the idol or falling for Q bullshit, it’s beyond obvious what happened!

Here are just a few of the anti-MAGA highlights!

  • A long list of D.C. Swamp hires including warmonger John Bolton, Nikki Haley, and countless George W. Bush Administration officials.
  • Firing almost everyone who helped get him into office including Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon.
  • Helping RINOs like Mitt Romney get elected to the Senate.
  • Keeping Fauci on as he destroyed the US economy and locked down our nation.
  • Signed emergency order that funded state lockdowns, and never got rid of it.
  • Three weak SCOTUS appointments, who did nothing to stop the election fraud or the unconstitutional lockdowns.
  • Signed the CARES Act and added Trillions to our debt.
  • Signed a second disastrous stimulus/budget bill after claiming he was going to veto it, without getting a single concession.
  • Support for ‘red flag’ laws that give the FBI the power to strip an individual’s second amendment rights, without trial.
  • Did jackshit to stop the election fraud, besides ranting on Twitter!
  • The fake defunding of the WHO, that then got redirected to the Gates/WHO sponsored GAVI Alliance.
  • No arrests, no indictments, no ‘swamp drainage’. Literally everybody got away with literally everything.
  • No pardon for Julian Assange, without whom there is no Trump White House.
  • A legacy of Executive Orders, all of which will be made null and void by the fraudulent Biden administration.

At this point, there are really only two options:

  1. He was in on it!
  2. They found a useful idiot with a huge ego that was never really this master negotiator and kind of let shit just happen around him like one big reality T.V. program.


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