Urban Escape in Three using Three Methods

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A solid bug out plan is one of the most important aspects of a city preppers planning. You have to have a means of getting away from the city in a serious disaster. There is no other option. You will not live in a city for long.

Resources will disappear and you will be left to scavenge. People will take advantage of you and will likely kill you! This is not to scare you it’s just to help you understand that you are at risk.

There are a number of ways that you can plan a bug out. We have three methods for you below.

Traditional Bug Out

Obviously one of the best and most effective methods of getting away from the city in a disaster is to be sure that you have a bug out plan. The bug out is often glossed over as though its something easy to pull off and just takes a place to go and a bag.

It’s going to be much more of an issue than that. Make a bug out plan that is built around multiple routes, short and long-distance bug outs and all the details.

Mass Bug Out

The mass bug out or the migration bug out is something to consider. This option is particularly helpful in the city situation. The mass bug out is a matter of getting out of dodge in large numbers. A larger group of people, maybe a bunch of people from your apartment building, The larger the group the better because you are harder to intimidate and take advantage of.

Non-Traditional Route

Cities offer up a bunch of non-traditional routes that could be taken advantage of for the bug out. Things like railways and subways or even sewers could be methods for getting out of the city. This is a big deal. Remember, when you have to get away from a collapsing city, these things are going to be very important.

A solid bugout plan is one of the most important pars of a city preppers planning. You have to have a means of getting away from the city in a serious disaster.

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