Top 5 Reasons Why People Do Not Catch Fish

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Fishing is one of the most effective survival skills you can have in your arsenal. It can even be made passive. However, many people give up on fishing because they don’t find big success.

Let’s look at a number of reasons why people don’t catch fish.


The number one reason beginning fisherman don’t catch fish is that they simply do not have enough patience. Fishing is all about patience.

You have to keep your bait in the water and you have to keep that bait in the strike zone. It’s usually that last few seconds before you really in that a fish starts looking at your bait and might even consider striking it. 


The type of bait that fisherman use can make all the difference, too. In many cases, people stick to one or two types of baits for the whole day.

The trick is that you should spend more of your time changing bait. Some Bass Pro winners even recommend switching bait about every 15 casts if you have no action.

This could be about color, size, or presentation.


Are there fish where you go fishing?

You have to know what types of fish are at a location and what they eat there. Knowing your location is very important to your success. 


Many fisherman use line that is far too thick and strong.

10lb test is a very popular line but you can catch the vast majority of your fish on 4lb test. It’s smaller in diameter and harder for the fish to see. 


Most people think fish are stupid creatures that don’t understand the world outside of their watery environment. You need only watch a bird’s shadow fly over a body of water to understand how outside forces can affect fish. 

Be very cautious about how you approach a spot that holds fish. They know when you are close and that will make them much more cautious about biting.

Top 5 Reasons Why People Do Not Catch Fish - Just because you have fished, doesn’t mean you know how to catch fish. Even people that fish regularly, such as my father, don’t always know what they are doing. So why do many Preppers think they are going to consistently catch fish during a survival situation?

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