Threshold Of Societal Chaos – Dominoes About To Topple

When critical mass is reached from forces or triggers of sociological, political, financial, or other structures of life-dependent entities, these systems may break down or even collapse under the pressures applied to them.”

I copied that quote from an article that I posted years ago. I do not recall its origin. However I have been thinking about this. That is the threshold at which the dominoes begin to fall – as it relates to current events here in the U.S.

You’ve all done the domino thing before, right? Lots of time is spent setting them all up. Then upon tipping the first one – the result is a surprisingly rapid toppling of the rest…

The first domino is just standing there. You place your finger upon it and slowly start to tip it. At a certain point it’s exactly balancing on one edge – and then gravity takes it the rest of the way over and into the next one. The rest just happens as the laws of physics does its thing.

We are living through a time of great stresses. A historical time. Many of us instinctively know we’re in a perfect storm of sorts. Storms are stressful and dangerous. This one in particular is a big one. Likely the biggest that many of us will live through in our lifetimes. It began awhile ago. It has developed into a raging tempest. And many people are quite nervous about it as the winds howl outside…

Of course the perfect storm is a metaphor to today’s sociopolitical climate and division. The battle, if you will, is so “righteous” that it’s tied in to “good” versus “evil” for many/most. It is deep. Philosophical. Core ideological beliefs and values.

Now couple all that with the stressors of Covid and all that it has caused. Then add in the great injustice unfolding since November 3rd (and the previous four years of beatings over the head, so to speak).

It feels like the dominoes have been lined up and the first one is ever-so-delicately balanced on its edge… And there’s a breeze that might be just enough to start that process of physics…

Does anyone else sort of have a bit of a knot in your stomach lately?


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