This toxic ingredient is in everything.

We produce a lot of beautiful food on our farm. From raw milk to red meat to rendered lard to herbed salts to organic vegetables to fresh fruit. It’s all here, all for the taking. Natural. Uncomplicated. Unprocessed. Just food.

Would you believe that our entire journey here on our farm began with my babies?

When our first-born Georgia was just a wee bairn, this raging Mama Bear came out of me. I didn’t even know she was in there – alive, gaining strength, waiting for her moment. As a Mama Bear, I was willing to fight the dangers, shielding my cub with my life , and reigning terror on those who dare venture too close.

That was my method of protecting my littles from the outside-in. But I was equally as aggressive at protecting my cubs from the inside-out.

For us, this meant a steady diet of food choices that would nourish their bodies and allow them to avoid as many of the pitfalls of a bad diet as possible. And (good news!) there are many that are avoidable.

A lot isn’t in our control. But some is. And I’ll take what I can get.

So raw milk for the weaned children led to sourcing it from local farms – which led to buying a cow – which led to buying a farm – which ultimately led to the homestead as we know it today. And here we are.


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