Things You Need To Survive [LISTEN]

This is the show I have been promising since the great Texas Black Out a few weeks ago.  A show designed to help you get prepared for the most likely failures you can expect to occur in our country.  These preps will revolve around 6 survival needs and one more item, they are

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What You Need For Surviving

1. Food

2. Water

3. Energy

4. Security

5. Shelter

6. Health and Sanitation

7. Comfort Items (Nice to have)

These seven Items can be thought of like walls around a room, as soon as you define the purpose of the room the walls give you the restrictions that make design and lay out simple.  Think of it like a “living room”.  If I give you furniture and electronics and say set up a living room with no defined walls or windows it is difficult to lay out.  But as soon as I give you an actual defined room it is easy.  The TV goes there, so seating should be here and there is a window there so we don’t want to block that, etc.

Sound too simple?  As you will see today, it actually is that simple.  Define the areas where you are dependent on outside systems, consider what happens if they fail, then fill in the gaps.

We also want to see your list. Share it with us in the comment section below.

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