Things Are Going Active – Get Ready For Fireworks…

What America is about to go through will be epic. “Trump wins this.” say many.

“Something big is happening” which is why the president cut short his holiday break shortly before New Years Eve from Mar-a-Lago and flew back early to Washington.

Vice president Pence has cancelled his trip overseas which had been scheduled for departure after January 6th.

January 6, 2021, just days from now.

The American people and the eyes of the world are going to be watching this… You are living through extraordinary History.

On that day as they begin the electoral college count (it’s alphabetical by state), and once they get to Arizona…the fireworks begin. The challenge will be made, and evidence will be laid bare for all to see. An evidentiary hearing.

There has been extraordinary criminal fraud.

Lin Wood – “Time to clean house in 2021”, “Treason”, The democrats were joined by the CCP. George Soros was involved. The CIA too.

“Massive amounts of evidence will be presented on the 6th”, tweeted Trump. “We won big”

There will be New Bombshell Evidence. “Massive” amounts of evidence. Things we haven’t seen before. Things that have not been presented in any court. “Kraken” level evidence? Formerly classified evidence? The John Ratcliff DNI report?

“President Trump has called for a huge assembly of his supporters on January 6 in Washington. He didn’t call them there to watch him get humiliated. Something is up. You can feel it in the air.” said Mike Adams

Treasonous governors? Treason in Congress? We’re going to find out who… and the high level treasonous traitors in Media, Tech, Politics.

Something massive is happening. Something big is about to break.

The arrests will begin…


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