The New World Series: Surviving an EMP Attack

Do you want to read a TRUE horror story? One that will literally slap you across the face and make you pee your pants?

I just had the opportunity to read “The End” & “The Long Road” where the author, G. Michael Hopf, has us follow a family attempting to survive after America has been crippled by an EMP attack!

If you’ve never heard of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse), it basically fries everything electrical in its path – cell phones, cars, computers, etc. – all cease to function!

If you need a little push (or maybe a good kick) with getting prepared, start reading this book and you’ll be running to the store to stockpile the essentials & fill those buckets 😉

As graphic and horrifying as the book was, I don’t think it’s far from the truth, because let’s face it – not many people have the resources to survive without electricity long. Here is just a rough estimate outlined in the book of how many people would die after an EMP attack:

Estimated Death Toll for an EMP Attack:

  • 1st Month -> 3-5 Million
  • 3 Months -> 15-20 Million
  • 6 Months -> 50 Million
  • 1 Year -> 90% of all Americans

The book seemed even more credible looking at the author’s (G. Michael Hopf’s) background:

G. Michael Hopf, author of The New World Series - Stories about survival after an EMP attack!G. Michael Hopf is a former U.S. Marine and bodyguard. For years he has studied and researched the effects of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack on the United States. From his research he was shocked by the level of devastation that would befall the country. He wanted to bring awareness to this real threat by creating the world of Gordon Van Zandt in “The End” Where this type of weapon is unleashed and a fight for survival ensues. He lives with his family in San Diego, Ca.

Connect With the Author: Website Solid circleFacebook Solid circleTwitter

I don’t want to be a book spoiler, so I’ll try not to give away the ending, but I do want to share some parts that stuck out to me!

The End by G. Michael Hopf - A Postapocalyptic Novel about an EMP attack!

He hoped he was wrong, he longed for his theory to be completely wrong but knew he was right. He thought that for too long many Americans had taken everything for granted and assumed life would continue on uninterrupted. But history shows that it doesn’t; all throughout time civilizations have risen and fallen, and now this could be the end of the American Dream.” – Gordon Van Zandt  “The End”

It’s fascinating to me when I read survival books because I like to take note of the first things people do when disaster strikes. I think you can learn a lot from those 1st few days and reflect on how well you could weather a similar storm.

Gordon Van Zandt, the main character, was not prepared for the EMP attack, but he immediately recognized what happened and took action. Here are a few questions he had to ask himself when trying to secure his family’s safety and survival.

Surviving an EMP Attack: Things to Consider…

  • How would you GET HOME?
  • What are the most important things TO DO FIRST?
  • Do you have enough WATER?
  • Do you have CASH on hand?
  • Have you prepared an EDC (Every Day Carry) BAG?
  • Do you have an alternate mode of TRANSPORTATION?
  • A way to COMMUNICATE with others without phones?
  • How long will your FOOD & SUPPLIES last?
  • Are you willing to HELP YOUR NEIGHBORS, and if so, how much?
  • Do you have a gun, and ready to DEFEND yourself if needed?
  • Do you have an ALTERNATE LOCATION away from the big city chaos?
  • How far will you go to SURVIVE?

You can find out how Gordon dealt with each of these scenarios in the book “The End”. I will say he did try very hard to help the community he lived in, but he finally came to this conclusion…

I don’t believe that it’s my responsibility to help everyone anymore. I only have the moral responsibility to take care of my family and loved ones. I have lived a life believing that it’s a man’s responsibility to have the tools to ensure his family is safe and secure. Some men didn’t think that was necessary; they thought owning dozens of expensive watches and designer jeans was more important that having a gun or even a knife. If people didn’t take the time to prepare because they thought that was someone else’s responsibility, well, my friend, they can now figure it out. I don’t have the time nor do I care. It’s already hard enough for us to survive without having to sacrifice my resources for others.” – Gordon Van Zandt “The End”

The Long Road by G. Michael Hopf A Postapocalyptic Novel about an EMP attack!

Gordon and his family continue to face the unthinkable in the 2nd book “The Long Road.” Here are a couple random thoughts I wanted to share from it!

As she thumbed through the magazine to find the article, she passed over ads promoting health-care products, pet medicine, makeup, real estate in Tennessee, and insurance. The magazine was so full of advertising for things that everyday people thought were important then. So often people never think something bad can happen to them.” – Julia “The Long Road”

I shared this quote from the character Julia, because it’s something that hit home. Even though the biggest disaster I’ve ever had to face pales in comparison to an EMP attack, I remember thinking how quickly the things that used to consume my world no longer mattered.

The one thing he most wanted was there: a letter he had written for Samantha… Carrying a farewell letter was something he’d adopted as a Marine. It was important for him to control the last thoughts and words that his loved ones would read from him. – Gordon Van Zandt “The Long Road”

I’ve never thought about writing a good-bye letter, but reality is, we never know when our life here will end. I loved this idea of being able to leave the last thoughts and words my family would ever read from me. I would want them to know how much I care for them and love them, especially if I can’t tell them myself. Anyways, I’ll stop before I get too mushy 😉

I will have to say the violence can get out of hand, and a few characters need their mouths washed out with soap repeatedly, but besides that, it definitely opens your eyes to a very scary threat – one I pray we will never have to experience!

What do you think? How long could you survive after an EMP attack?

Thanks to TLC for providing me with copies of “The End” & “The Long Road” for reviewing! Follow the online book tour to read what other people think!


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