The Lost Ways Book – Does it Live Up to the Hype?

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We saw “The Lost Ways” by Claude Davis being advertised widely and purchased a copy. It has a a few interesting items, and a lot of recipes. Overall we do not recommend it. We’ll explain why, and share the books that we prefer.

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The Lost Ways Book Review

The Lost Ways books touts itself as a survival book, teaching you how to live like a pioneer or Native American. In reality, it reads more like a collection of blog posts, with modern technology sprinkled throughout.

It’s incomplete, inconsistent, and definitely not off grid. (Immersion blenders do not belong in a book claiming to be teaching “the old ways”.)

The Lost Ways book is not as as good as Carla Emery’s The Encyclopedia of Country Living, and it’s more expensive.

(Read our review of The Encyclopedia of Country Living here.)

We liked the information about the sheriffs, smokehouse and root cellar chart, but it needed about 40 more items like these to compete with Carla’s book.

comparison of The Lost Ways book and the Encyclopedia of Country Living

The Lost Ways is about twice the price of the Encyclopedia of Country Living, with less than half as many pages. The Encyclopedia of Country living is also a very dense book in comparison. (There is far more information on each page.)

For about the same price, you could get Emery’s book AND another one and have far more value.

So although the Lost Ways book is okay, it is not on our recommended list. It needs more information on construction/building, skinning, and other traditional skills.

WARNING: If you choose to purchase the “Lost Ways” book, be careful with the checkout process. It is easy to accidentally order more than one copy or order bundles, or order the electronic version and not get the paper printed copy. Buyer beware.

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You can also access electronic copies of out of print or older books at Some of them are quite good, including:

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