The End Of Democracy And The Two Party System If The Democrats Win

“If the Democrats win, that’s the end of democracy. It’s the end of the two-party system. We’re going to have a one-party government that is going to devote itself to eliminating all opposition. That’s what’s at stake. If they win, I think the Republican Party essentially ceases to exist.”

~ Rush Limbaugh

Yes, I know it’s not a pure “democracy”. We’re a Constitutional Republic. And yes, I know that you might say the two party system is in essence two sides of the same coin.

However the stakes couldn’t be higher for this Republic, come this November.

Unless you are stupid, or in complete denial, the Democrats (Biden, Harris, Anifa, BLM, their Deep State, the “AOC” wing, and the rest of the cabal) have made it exceedingly clear to those paying attention. If they seize power, they will never lose it again. They will see to it that a “Trump” NEVER happens again. Though the two party system in the United States has been the status quo – the Republican Party will be finished.

The past four years has been a “fluke”. A brash, bold, abrasive and controversial street fighter literally stunned the establishment. Tipped over the apple cart. The cabal has been fighting back and plotting ever since. They will stop at nothing to terminate this blip on their timeline. And I quite literally mean (stop at) nothing…

These are evil monsters who aim to fundamentally change America, strip us of our remaining true freedoms & liberties, tax to the max, destroy our traditional culture, get back in bed with the Chicomms, push Marxism even further, and rid any chance of opposition and rebellion against them.

The two party system (though deeply flawed as it presently exists and how it actually operates) will be finished (in essence).

How is that even possible?

How is that even possible, seeing as America has been a two-party system for centuries?

“One of the first things they will do is grant statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico, and that will give them four Democrat senators. They will never lose control of the Senate. They will never lose control of the House. They will pack the Supreme Court with who knows how many new justices, and they’ll all be left-leaning justices. And it won’t take them long to do any of this. And after they’ve done it, there will be a one-party state. The United States will be a one-party government.”

~ Limbaugh

Pence pressed Harris during the vice presidential debate. Would she (they) pack the (supreme) court. In other words, put in more than the traditional nine justices – the additional appointments being leftist (of course). She refused to answer. She refused to simply say that they would leave it as it has been for all this time… This tells all of us LOUD AND CLEAR what they WILL DO — if they gain the power — if they take over.

The Left Has No Problem With Violence

The leftist elites have no problem with violence. So long as it suits their purpose. And the purpose is to stop opposition to their leftist agenda and takeover of government.

The toxic ideologies now dominating U.S. culture, education, sports, business and government have brought us to this point. For those of us who have not been infected, can we push it back yet again? 2016 was a set back for them. 2020 is critical for them.

I can virtually guarantee you that the election outcome will be contested. This in fact is the Democrat plan. Pelosi has already stated that they will contest it. She has (stunningly) also said that they (the Democrats) will hold their own swearing-in ceremony, regardless if we’re in the middle of a contested election.

“Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn’t mean we won’t have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly elected president of the United States.”

~ Nancy Pelosi

Dangerous words. They have already decided that they have won. They will “make it so”.

America is on the brink of tearing apart at the seams. This Republic is going to be strained to the absolute max.

You better get out and vote. Don’t let the American Dream become the American Nightmare.


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