T-minus 3 Days to Violence of the Contested Period

Peak Anxiety

We are reaching peak anxiety. The choices could not be more divergent. Barring a clear smashing doubtless victory (by either), the contest will be challenged to the Nth-degree.

T-minus 3 days will be the beginning of a new time period, the length of which we do not know.

We do know that there will be great disruption in the streets of many-a-place. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Rioting. Looting. Personal attacks. Destruction. Fires. And that’s just for starters of what the Left’s street army has planned.

There is even an organized and well planned effort for riots in D.C. to attempt and remove Trump from office (even though these dimwits don’t realize that if he actually loses, he’s there into January anyway, given the Constitution).

We know that there are apparently well organized plans to confront and target Republican members of the House and Senate, even at their homes. They will in essence be “hunted down” and intimidated by the Left’s Mob. Lets hope they don’t go further than that – however I fear the worst, given what’s already happened out there…

There are apparent plans to target popular / influential “right wing” media personalities and reporters – wherever they may be or live.

The mainstream “public square” on the internet — Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have already shut down and silenced “the right”, especially these recent weeks. In T-minus 3 days they may shut off the switch altogether for voices on “the right”.

The Contested Period

We realize that during the immediate and uncertain period after the election — the contested period — Everyone (including your neighbors, family & friends, and most all of those around you at any given moment) will be affected by Peak Anxiety.

During the contested period, the unrest that will be displayed on mainstream news & TV will be clearly focused and purposed towards “Trump Must Go”. The drum beat will be very loud and will bolster the Left’s street army even more.

And let me say this… “If” the deterministic result of the contested period favors a Trump victory, the violence we are about to witness will likely pale in comparison to the Left’s street army meltdown to follow.

Something Ugly This Way Comes

I know that you know and realize this. I am just thinking out loud (actually typing on my keyboard) as we are just a few days away from the start of something. Something ugly.

My initial advice for living through the contested period, is mostly to stay away from crowds. Know this… if you wear your MAGA hat (for example), expect trouble to find you. There are, and will be more anxious emotional angry people. Stressed out.

Keep your cool. Stay grey. There’s a time and a place to pick your battles, so to speak. Let the process run its course. It will anyway – with or without you.


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