Swiss Army Knife Camping and Outdoor Survival Guide Book Review

Hi there, my name is Bryan Lynch, and I am the author of the Swiss Army Knife Camping and Outdoor Survival Guide 101 Tips, Tricks, and Uses

I know that is quite the mouthful, but it is a good description because there is a lot of information packed inside this little book. 

This piece of work has kind of been a lifetime in the making for me as it spans decades of using a Swiss Army Knife. 

My journey started many years ago when I received my first pocketknife as a young boy. That knife was a Swiss Army Knife and I took it everywhere with me. Whether that be exploring the outdoors or hunting and fishing with my dad. 

I learned many things with this knife, from starting fires to cleaning wild game, to simply keeping myself busy in the backyard. 

Fast forward a few years through outdoor experiences and newfound interests, such as writing, and I had the recipe for an interesting book I could and wanted to write. 

There are many outdoor survival guides available but none that specifically featured the Swiss Army Knife. I thought the iconic red knife manufactured by Victorinox deserved some spotlight time seeing that it has been used by so many people. 

My hope for the book was to help fan the flames and ignite new interest in the outdoors and survival knowledge by using only the knife I grew up with and loved. 


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