Survival Caches En Route to Bugout

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We may or may not face an event that comes with such surprise and such affect that it takes us all by surprise. This can come in many forms but what’s more important than what it is, is what we do to respond.

The bugout is a tall order for one person. Most preppers have more than one person they are preparing for. If we look at a family bugout things can get very complicated. We are talking about exertion, weight limits, burdens, boredom and just dealing with kids in general.

You might be trekking some 20 miles if the roads are clogged and feet are your only bugout option.

There is one thing you can do to make the bugout more feasible for everyone involved.  You can follow your bugout route ahead of time and bury, highly effective, survival caches. These caches can include things like food, water, toys, games, clothes, weapons or whatever else you like.

There are some serious benefits when it comes to hiding or burying caches en route to the bugout location.


If you have gear strewn about in survival caches it means less gear to carry on the road. That can make a huge difference.  It will give you more energy and bandwidth to spend on other things.


Nothing will boost morale like finding one of your surprise packs and looking at what’s inside. It could be as fun treat or gear your family needs.


You never know what could happen along the way. You might find that you have lost some of your gear, or all of it! What now? A well placed cache of gear can be the answer to that problem.

Don’t discount the power of properly placed survival caches on the way to the bugout location. They could make all the difference.

We may or may not face an event that comes with such surprise and such affect that it takes us all by surprise.

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root cellar that can be used as a bunker

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