SunJack Solar Charger Review: 4 Years Later, Is It Worth Having in 2021?

I had always wanted to use and have an alternative source of power, but for one reason or another, I never seemed to get around to. 

But a little over four years ago I had my first opportunity to own a set of solar panels

These panels were small scale and were intended to charge up handheld devices rather than deliver power to a household.

What I got was a product from SunJack. It consisted of four, 14W mono crystalline panels and an 8,000 mAh battery. Its maximum output was 5V/1.5A per USB port, which it has four of. 

Other features that make this product easy to use is that it only weighs 1.75lbs and when folded up, it is roughly the size of an electronic tablet.

I have used this product off and on over the last four years and wanted to give my thoughts on it during that time. 

A Little History  

I received this SunJack Solar Charger in late 2015. At the time I thought it was well made and it certainly charged my phone and tablet well. 

For a short period after receiving it I also thought it was a bit of a novelty because I either charged my phone at home or while I was in my vehicle. 

A few weeks later three things happened that helped me to better understand its place. The town I lived in lost power for several days, a family member was in the hospital in another city, and the phone charger in my vehicle broke. This series of events jump-started me into using the panels more. 

Being brand new, the battery pack charged quickly when I spread the panels out across a sunlit window. 


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