Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit by MyMedic: Expert Hands-On Review

A first aid kit is something that all of us have been around most of our lives. 

From home, school, to the workplace, one does not have to look too hard to find one of these kits sitting in a kitchen cabinet or hanging on the wall. 

But having a good first aid kit while on the go can be a bit tricky but still important. 

Injuries and illness do not only happen at home, school, or work but anywhere and at any time.

I have heard countless stories of unnecessary deaths where medical supplies were not available. And even basic first aid techniques were not present either. 

This is why it is so important to always have a good first aid kit close by and to be well versed in its use.

To that end, I recently received the Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit made by MyMedic. 

I have heard many good reviews about this company and was excited to check it out and bring you my thoughts and review of this particular kit. 

Let’s see if this kit stands up to the good reviews I have been hearing about MyMedic by beginning with the kit’s specifications.  

MyMedic Stormproof FAK Specifications 


The Stormproof case is 6 inches high, 8.125 inches wide, and 2.5 inches deep. 


Weighs in at 2.42 lbs. 


There are two color options available. A red or black stormproof bag.


Modular Organization 

Each pouch inside of the kit is backed with Velcro which means you can customize the layout of the interior to your liking. 

Also, on the front of each pouch is a small category icon that is attached by Velcro. This icon helps you find what you need quickly without wasting time. 

MOLLE Patches

These small loops can be found on both the front and back of the bag. These attachment points can be used to secure the kit to a pack, inside a vehicle, or pretty much anything you can get some cordage around.

Stormproof Bag

The bag is made from a waterproof material with welded seams and a water-resistant zipper track. This helps to keep the kit dry in adverse conditions or if you accidentally drop it in the drink.

Carry Loop

On the side of the bag is a carry loop that makes for a convenient way to carry the kit by hand or to is used as an additional attachment point. 

Oversized Zipper 

A large, quality zipper ensures fewer snags and fluid operation. 


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