Small 72 Hour Kit in a Pencil Pouch

Sometimes, it’s just not practical to carry around a fully loaded bug out bag for a long period of time. There’s a point when your body gets so tired, you’ll eventually abandon most items, not caring what you leave behind. It may be hard to believe that a pencil pouch can fit basic essentials to create a Small 72 Hour Kit.

My husband and I kept a small 72 hour kit in each of our cars along with some water. We go on many road trips throughout the year so it’s comforting to know we have basic supplies if the car breaks down in a remote spot. It’s not just an emergency kit for the car. We also take it on day hikes when we’re adventuring unknown trails. I wanted something that wouldn’t weigh us down while we hiked but would provide a little peace of mind, knowing we’d have the basics if we got lost. It can also serve as a Get Home Bag. It allows us to travel fast because there’s not a lot of extra weight to slow us down and the food can be eaten on the go.

Small 72 Hour Kit Checklist:

CARRYING CASESmall 72 Hour Kit in a Pencil Pouch





Small 72 Hour Kit

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Pencil Pouch Emergency car kit - 3 day rations - Mini Bug Out Bag

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