Preserving and cooking eggplant on the homestead.

Every bit of food matters! So I couldn’t let the large bin of eggplants in my cold room go to waste. It’s time to preserve eggplant! In a new way – for me. It’s easy at this time of year to get really fatigued by the months and months of labor in the garden. But before we completely checkout for the season, it’s time to make sure all this food goes to good use.

As I talk about in the video, we finally decided to get a freeze dryer – which is one of the ways that we’ll use up all this eggplant! The freeze dryer allows us to preserve food with almost no effort on our part. You can click here if you want to learn more about the freeze dryer we invested in. (It’s always good to know what the high quality brands with great customer service are.)

Oh – and we’ll go ahead and make a delicious eggplant parmigiana while we’re at it.


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