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Over the years, I’ve had requests to create a simple guide to being prepared, a Preppers Survive Book. Readers wanted a preparedness formula they could share with their friends and family. They also wanted a way to see how they measured up as a prepper.

Preppers Survive

Prepper Supplies Checklist is a quick 20-minute read workbook, but if you’ve got the prepper mentally, you may find yourself taking inventory of all the supplies in your home (in which case it is a little more of a time investment). This book is loaded with resources and information that will have you looking at your supplies in a new light and spark life into your preparedness efforts. Preppers Supplies Checklist will lay out a simple “how to” method for prepping, covering 10 categories of emergency preparedness.

If you need to put together a preparedness plan and want to make sure you have essential preps covered then the Prepper Supplies Checklist is the next step.

Preppers Survive Workbook

Within this book, you will find:   

  • easy to follow preparedness plan
  • list of emergency preparedness categories
  • photos & illustrations
  • preparedness short stories and help tips
  • lists of survival supplies in each preparedness category
  • an easy system for tracking progress

Prepper Survive Book Example

This book is very different from most preparedness books on the market. First, there are colored photos and illustrations throughout. Next, it’s an 8×11 which is taller than most books because it’s a workbook. Lastly, it’s not going to overload you with information. It has short stories throughout to relay concepts, easy to follow steps, prepper supply ideas for each category, and a friendly format to easily reference and take inventory.

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Digital Copy in PDF Format: $6.99

Published Book: $11.99

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Disasters and emergencies can strike at any time. And when they do, you will have little to no time to prepare for the next few days or weeks of an emergency.

And when the rest of the neighborhood is clamoring for the same scant supplies — food, water, heat sources — the last thing you would want is to be empty-handed.

This is where an emergency checklist and a stash of emergency supplies come in handy.

Here at Preppers Survive, we provide you with the information you need for an emergency situation.

Our easy-to-follow guides provide a practical disaster preparation plan for both individuals and families.

With tips, stories, and prepper supplies checklists, anyone with a preparedness mindset will find it easy to take crucial steps toward developing an emergency preparedness plan.

Below is a video by 60 Minutes detailing how quickly an emergency situation can arrive at your door step.

A Prepper’s List of Survival Essentials

  • The basic necessities. These basics are the most important. There are several categories to consider for an emergency preparedness plan. This book will have preparedness supply suggestions in each category of survival.
  • Heat sources. Emergency lighting and warmth are crucial in survival preparation, whether it’s choosing a off-grid heater or packing a tent for shelter, it is an important preparedness category to consider.
  • Communication systems. A good communication system will allow you to get updates from your family or the community. Set up an emergency communication plan and have the right resources to get help when you need it.
  • Emergency and survival kits. Whether it’s a hygiene kit, a medical kit, or a memento kit, these handy supplies are essential in any disaster preparation plan.

Below is a video by Canadian Prepper detailing how quickly supplies run out in an emergency situation.

Information is paramount to disaster preparedness. Subscribe for free to Preppers Survive below to start your emergency kit preparations today.

Benjamin Franklin’s words are a reminder: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

To prepare is to have access to the right supplies and the right information at the right time.

The Preppers Supplies Checklist is a handy compilation of valuable information on emergency preparedness. It offers a quick but complete read of various how-to guides, suggestions, stories and tips.

What will you find inside the Preppers Supplies Checklist Book?

  • an easy to follow preparedness plan
  • a prioritized list of emergency preparedness categories
  • supply checklists for each category
  • photos, illustrations, and short stories
  • formulas for calculating supply needs
  • easy progress tracking system


Based on what history and personal experiences have taught us, disasters often come without warning.

Whether it’s flooding, an earthquake, or a political or economic crisis, disasters can affect anyone, regardless of race, location, or financial status.

Emergency awareness should begin at home.

Get started on your emergency checklist and kits with the Prepper Supplies Checklist workbook today.

A great addition to your emergency preparedness binder!



Purchase Options:



Digital Copy in PDF Format: $6.99

Published Book: $11.99

Digital Copy is Discounted 50% Off!! Limited Time!!!


Prepppers Survive

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