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Today I de-junked my bugout bag. The poor backpack was stuffed so full, I was OVER prepared! You’d be amazed at how many methods I had for starting a fire, in just one bag.

It all started when I thought a tool roll was an interesting idea for organizing prepping supplies. It looked like a perfect fit for my backpack so I started taking items out and meticulously adding them to the prepper tool roll. It was just what I needed, to cut down on many of my secondary preps. I was amazed at how much space it saved me and how easy it is to find items now.

In case you were wondering, a secondary prep is an item I have just in case the first item malfunctions. For example, I had a lighter, storm matches, a matchbook, Ferro rod, and magnifying glass. To some of you, this may seem like just enough firepower; to others, this may seem excessive. It comes with the territory of being a prepper. Preppers love to stockpile, which is fine, but not practical for a bugout bag.

Prepper Tool Roll 4

For the Prepper Tool Roll I used a Dickie Wrench Roll (I remove a couple of seems to make pockets larger)

  1. Straw
  2. Ferro rod
  3. Sawyer mini water filter
  4. Platypus 34-ounce collapsible water bottle
  5. Fruit strips & Energy bar
  6. Energy bar
  7. Cree flashlight
  8. Multi-tool
  9. First aid supplies & WoundSeal
  10. Fatwood (awesome firestarter)
  11. Sol emergency blanket
  12. Toilet paper
  13. Hand Sanitizer
  14. Tourniquet
  15. Lighter, duct tape, wire saw
  16. Paracord
  17. Energy bar
  18. 3 Beef jerky
  19. UCO candle lantern
  20. Kershaw knife & Long handle spoon

Prepper Tool Roll in Bugout Bag

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Prepper Tool Roll - Bugout bag organizer - survival roll

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