Prepare For The Left Unhinging Into A Chaotic Frenzy

If Trump Wins 2020 The Left Will Completely Unhinge

Just look at what happened in 2016, and the the four years since. All that you have seen, heard, and endured from the left. It will likely be nothing in comparison to what the unhinged left will unleash upon America if they lose this one.

We already know for a fact (thanks to statements from Nancy Pelosi and others) that they will NOT accept a Trump win this time around. They just won’t.

Lets say it’s clear that Trump receives the electoral votes necessary to win the presidency. It will simply not be accepted by:

  • Pelosi
  • Harris / Biden
  • the Democrat party
  • All Dems in Congress
  • the Deep State
  • the Mainstream News Media
  • Soros and his many funded political orgs
  • the BLM’s
  • the Antifa’s
  • all who identify as “progressives”
  • all who harbor Marxism
  • Socialists
  • Communist China

Severe Outrage

The head spinning will be severe. The absolute chaos will rage. Most will not be able to “hold it together”. Emotional outrage will burst at the seams. The thought of four more years. As they say, “heads will explode”.

I am very concerned about the unraveling of this country. Regardless of who wins, this highly divided nation seems destined towards pain. Though I do believe that a Trump victory will immediately trigger the highly emotional left. You think you’ve seen terrible rioting already this year? You just wait… it’ll be insane. Cities will burn. And more.

Tremendous turmoil, rioting and violence. It will be encouraged from the Left’s controllers and handlers. The mainstream news media will focus on the severity while implying (or outright saying) that the Orange Man’s victory is illegitimate. And he must be removed. To stop the violence.

This will inflame the Patriots and the Right. A final coup d’état will be on the menu. A battle for the Republic. Perhaps the kinetic Civil War they’ve all been waiting for…

All this may likely go down very soon. As of this post there are less than 20 days to the election. November, December, and January could become historical in the footnotes of this nation’s history.

Are you prepared? Are you ready for it?

Do you have any idea how bad the disruptions could become? Or the dangers that may exist around you from a violent emotional left?

It may seem kind of surreal right now. However the “perfect storm” looks to be almost upon us.

Note that I could write a “what if” story about a Trump loss and Harris / Biden win. The devastation(s) that will set upon us as their policies are implemented. Though violence from Patriots might not occur (unless or until they take our 2nd Amendment), I believe a Greater Depression will become a near certainty (which may happen anyway).

We are in big trouble here. Enormously powerful forces are engaged, right now, to finally finish this experiment of personal liberty and freedom. There has been no other like it in human history. There is no other, except us. We are on the precipice. They know it. That’s why they will NOT except a Trump victory. We know it. Right?

This is not a middle ground fight. The mainstream propaganda arm of the globalist cabal has successfully brought us to this point of great division. Their goal, their assigned mission, is for you to obey the state. To dilute and destroy individual liberty. To bow down and bend over. Those who don’t, will be punished. That is their way forward.

If Trump pulls this off, you better lay low for awhile. Things are going to get mighty nasty out there.

Less than 500 hours to go.

Tick Tock…

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