Platypus Collapsible Water Bottle Review

Clean water storage containers are going to be in serious demand if the SHTF, both by you and all of the sheeple too. You really can’t have enough, but at the same time you don’t want to waste room in your gear bag on more water bottles when you’ve already filled as many as you can carry. Enter The Platypus Collapsible Water Bottle.

Specifications From Cascade Designs

  • 100% BPA free
  • Compared to a hard bottle of equal volume, they weigh 80% less and take up a mere one fifth of the space when empty.

There’s really not a lot to it: A heavy duty plastic bag with a drinking spout. However, when they say heavy duty they mean heavy duty.

Platypus Uses

1. Obviously it is great as a very small and light backup water container.

2. According to the company you can put boiling water in the platypus and it will be fine. Since it’s BPA free there’s no danger of contamination either.

3. One reviewer on amazon suggests filling it with hot/boiling water to use as a hot water bottle in bed. This could be potentially useful in a cold survival situation.

4. You can freeze it. I don’t know how or why you would ever do this in a survival scenario, but at least you know it will stand up to winter conditions.


Can water filters be attached to the spout?

A: It appears that these bags only work with Platypus brand accessories. There are some reviewers that have had some success with a Sawyer Mini Water Filter but it is not a perfect fit.

Are these bags made in China?

A: The majority of Platypus products are mad in the USA and Ireland.

Wrap Up

The Platypus seems like another one of those good things that is cheap, handy, light, and small that you can throw in your Bug Out Bag or Urban Survival Kit and never regret.

A word of advice: The laws of physics still apply, so don’t fill it completely full like a balloon and then expect it not to pop when squished. Fill 90% so that it is flexible and strong.Save


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