Phycological Warfare Declared on Your Child! Why would anyone send their kids back to Public School to be Mentally Abused?

Now that Joe Biden has convinced the world he is the holy savior of curing COVID – never mind  the FACT that they removed false positives from the equation as soon as the election was stolen – it looks like your kids are going to school!

Only, the new normal schools doesn’t look so normal. In fact, it looks more like a psychological abuse program meant to destroy your child’s spirit. From kids in Plexi-glass bubbles to kids being yelled at if they come within 6 feet of each other, if you haven’t pulled your kids out of the public school system, what are you waiting for?

Here is just a small look at what you will be sending your child into…

Wenatchee, Washington State school kids “socially distanced inside” COVID tents as they perform in a band.
Kids Quarantined at school
covid camps

These are the people teaching your kids:

And if that isn’t bad enough, teachers are gearing up to push this crap even harder now…

Time to take your child’s education off the grid!

Check out our guide to Homeschooling and Taking your Child’s Education Off The Grid!


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