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There is no shortage of affordable flashlights in the market.

However, PeakPlus claims that their tactical flashlight delivers an 800-lumen beam at the price of the cheap flashlight you would find at Walmart.

It’s small, making it easy to carry, and the bright beam makes it perfect for everything from everyday use to emergency use.

The PeakPlus has a lot more to offer, but at face value, it seems like one of the best affordable flashlights out there.

In this post, I will test it thoroughly and determine if it’s worth your money.

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PeakPlus LED Tactical Flashlight Review

Design and Durability

The PeakPlus tactical flashlight is 5.3 inches long, making it super portable. You will be able to slip it in your pocket as you head out to walk the dog at night, and it will fit in a purse without taking up too much space.

The flashlight isn’t too broad either – the head it 1.6 inches wide, and the body is slimmer at 1.1 inches.

Its slim body, coupled with the slip-proof design, makes it comfortable to hold and ensures you have a confident grip.

The body is made out of aluminum, which is impressive considering the low price. The material used enables the flashlight to withstand shock – it can take a few knocks and work fine after you drop it.

The sturdy build makes it the right flashlight for outdoor activities. You can carry it with you when hiking or camping without worrying about dropping and breaking it.

The flashlight is also anti-abrasive and water-resistant, making it perfect for virtually any application. It comes with a lanyard hole, but no lanyard is included.

Overall, though, I’m happy with the design of the flashlight – its super sturdy for a low-priced flashlight.


You can turn the flashlight on with one hand using the tail cap switch.

The switch is soft, but not too mushy, and clicking it in is satisfying.

The flashlight has five different modes, and you can cycle between the modes by rapidly tapping the tail switch.

If you leave it off for a few seconds, the flashlight will revert to the “Max” mode. To use a different mode, you will need to cycle to it again.

LED Specifications

The PeakPlus tactical flashlight uses a Pro-Series LED that has a lifespan of 100,000 hours and an output rated at 10W.

The flashlight is super bright for its size – it outputs a beam of 800 lumens. While I didn’t measure the lumens, the beam does light up a dark street for a few hundred feet.

The company claims that the flashlight can light up objects 600 feet away. I’m sure that’s accurate, but only when using the zoom function. When using the flashlight’s flood mode, it won’t light up nearly as much.

I’ve noticed that the flashlight has a blue tint, and if you’re looking for a flashlight that outputs a neutral white beam, this is the wrong flashlight to buy.

But for all intents and purposes, the flashlight should serve you just as well as any other.


The PeakPlus tactical flashlight has five modes: Max, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS. As I mentioned earlier, to cycle between the different modes, you will need to repeatedly tap the tail switch.

The flashlight also allows you to focus the beam using a zoom function. You can adjust the spread of light by pushing and pulling the head of the flashlight.

The head has markings: x1, x250, x500, x1000, and x2000, which you can use to adjust the beam.


You can use a 18650 3.7V battery to power the flashlight, or use three AAA batteries.

I’ve noticed that the flashlight is brighter when it has a 18650 battery, and while the difference in brightness is not massive, it is worth mentioning.


PeakPlus offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects.


  • Affordable and powerful
  • Sturdy build
  • Water- and shock-resistant
  • Comes with a lanyard hole
  • Five light modes
  • Slip-resistant grip


  • Battery life could be better

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What People Are Saying…

I think the flashlight offers a lot more value than a generic flashlight does – and customers hold the same opinion.

Customers love the bright output, and the compact-yet-sturdy design the most. But like every product, the PeakPlus tactical flashlight also has some disadvantages.

A few customers report that the head of the flashlight gets hot after a few minutes of use. Customers are concerned that the heat reduces the life of the flashlight and the battery in it, but it was tough to find a customer who reported it failing.

Customers also complain that the battery holder isn’t marked – which makes finding the correct way to place the batteries difficult. While this is a disadvantage, I don’t think it is a dealbreaker.

Overall, though, customers are happy with the value they got out of their money.

Questions About PeakPlus LED Tactical Flashlight

Q: Will the flashlight fit on a 1” gun mount?

A: The flashlight will not fit on a 1” gun mount.

Q: Does the flashlight come with a belt case?

A: The flashlight does not come with a belt case, and if you want to hook it to your belt, you will need to buy a belt case separately. The flashlight measures 5.3 inches so that it will fit most belt cases, pouches, purses, and pockets.  

Q: Can I use this flashlight for diving?

A: While the flashlight is waterproof, it will break if left underwater for extended periods. The flashlight can handle rain and snow, but not diving.

Q: Can I use a 26650 battery in the flashlight?

A: The flashlight cannot accommodate a 26650 battery


The PeakPlus tactical flashlight is affordable but doesn’t compromise on quality. It offers a bright beam, a compact and sturdy design, and decent battery life.

The five different modes, coupled with the zoom function, add more to the already impressive package. It is an affordable tactical flashlight that you can rely on for everyday use and emergency use.

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