New goals: Hello 2021, you beast

2021. The year of… hmm… what will this be the year of? While there’s nothing magical that happens at midnight on the 31st to somehow transport us to a new time and space, away from all our bad habits and shortcomings of the previous year, maybe there is.

Like my friend Angela recently cried out on a recent episode of Homemaker Chic podcast “What’s so wrong with New Years resolutions! What’s so wrong with me holding out hope, for like 20 minutes, that I can be a better person!”

This made me laugh harder more than a mother who has birthed four babies should laugh (if you know what I mean). And herein lies the new goals for the coming year.

I, for one, always appreciate times of reflection and direction. As a forward-motion-machine far too determined to be overly nostalgic, I revel in setting priorities and writing out lists. So to heck with it.

Hello 2021, you beast. I welcome the challenge.

January always makes me smile as we celebrate the years in our little cottage beginning to pile up. What began as a meager dream ages ago has now – as of today – been 5 years in the building. 5 years ago we moved just a mile down the road to our cottage farm – in the worst winter we’ve had in a century. Snow fell hard in early November and didn’t leave until March. It snowed, and snowed, and snowed. But enough about that dreadful time I don’t like to think about too much. We’re here. Happy 5 year anniversary to our little cottage.


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