My life is ordinary and that’s perfect

My life is ordinary and that’s perfect. No really! It is. My days are spent homeschooling four little ones, building and sustaining a farm, running a business, washing the dishes, breaking up bickering children, kneading the bread. It’s all the same, day in and day out.

As I look around at the messy corners, the unfolded laundry, or the dirty (sorry) toilet, I have to just sigh. Breathe in, breathe out, Shaye. You’re doing your very best!

There are very few mountain-top moments in this life – we’ve had our babies, we’ve gotten married. Now we’re here. Facing daily life. And in these days, we don’t seek grand adventures. Maybe our passports won’t ever be filled, may our savings account won’t ever be bursting, maybe our lives will just be… ordinary. 

Our potential – some may argue – never fully reached.

But maybe, just maybe, they’re wrong. 

Maybe our very best potential as humans isn’t seeking the summits of these grand adventures at all – maybe it’s fully, and completely, and deeply rooted in recognizing that ordinary life – these small daily moments that we experience day in and day out – maybe these are the point.

To sense it all. To smell it all. To feel it all. To fully, and deeply, be willing to experience each tasks… word… challenge… moment, as if those were the exact point in all of this.

To see value in what the world says has none. To savor the deep details of that ordinary life. 

It’s no small thing to faithfully live out your ordinary days with love and grace and purpose. It’s no small thing to see the deep valleys of blessing woven into our days. 

They’ll tell you that life isn’t worth living unless you’re chasing rainbows. 

Maybe our ordinary lives are already the rainbows – and we just need the eyes willing to see them.

Maybe ordinary is perfect.


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