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I don’t think I’ve ever taken you on a tour of my farmhouse dining room (though we did just give you a tour of our kitchen a few weeks back, just in case you missed it!). It’s really quite the shame that I haven’t walked you through our dining room yet, because this is probably my very favorite room in the house.

(My bedroom used to be my favorite room until a gigantic spider jumped onto my pillow and then ran at my face while I was laying down watching Gardener’s World on my laptop in bed the other night. Now I just feel so violated every time I enter the room. I was quite traumatized.)

Anyway! It’s high-time I took you on a tour of the dining room (if you’d like a video tour the dining room, you can do that right here). Here’s our farmhouse dining room in all her glory when we moved in:

As you can see, much as changed! The carpet has been taken up and the cedar floors refinished. The popcorn ceiling was refinished in tongue-and-groove planks. The walls were painted “Revere Pewter”. The doorway into the kitchen was widened. The sliding glass door was replaced with a new set of french doors that I painted yellow and distressed to look old.

It’s mismatched and colorful and pure magic. Enough talking! Let’s tour this farmhouse dining room!

Yes, the baseboards are dirty and in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. And yes, the trim lining the ceiling still needs to be painted (a major paint-spilling fiasco ceased progress initially). But my humble farmhouse dining room is full of life and food and movement. Each meal of the day, every day of the week, this space serves our family as a place to come together, refresh, and renew.

Multiple times a week, this dinged and well-loved table is opened up to others in need of sustenance, often a family with a lot of kids (Moms with lots of kids need lots of breaks from cooking… can I get an AMEN!). I love when other families visit and we have to belly-up, slide in all the extra chairs and stools from around the house), and practically eat off each other’s plates to fit around the table. That is when my heart is fullest!

Just know when you get your farmhouse dining room set up in your space, it means you’ll basically be washing dishes until you die.

The end.

PS: If you’d like to take a video tour of the space, you can do that right here:


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