My best friend sent me a box of antiques!

My best friend sent me a box of antiques! (Well, first I sent her money. And then she took the money and went shopping. And then she sent the box of antiques. But that’s neither here not there.)

It’s not quite like shopping the flea markets of Italy… but we will get back there someday. For now, we’ll enjoy the farmhouse decor and celebrate friendship from afar. A big thanks to Parisienne Farmgirl for taking time out of her own busy farm life to send me this box of sunshine – if you’d like to watch her shop for me and talk about why she thought I would like each item she chose, you can do that by watch that on her YouTube channel by simply clicking on her name above.

I can’t wait until we can be together in person once again! In the meantime… come decorate with me!

If you visit us over on Youtube, make sure to subscribe for weekly videos from our farm. Thanks for being here friends!


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