Mossberg 500 Tactical Conversion Kits: Best Picks, Legalities, Accessories

The Mossberg 500 shotgun is one of the most popular pump shotguns in the US. Many shooters purchase a Mossberg 500 with the intent of adding tactical accessories. The number of aftermarket accessories for Mossberg 510 shotguns is astounding. We have looked at the best Mossberg 500 tactical conversion kits.

Adding a tactical look to your Mossberg 500 pump shotgun is a popular project. If you intend to use your Mossberg 500 shotgun for home defense, the tactical look and feel are often considered a good deterrent. You should remember that the real reason for adding a tactical upgrade is to make your Mossberg shotgun function better.

To help you make the best decisions when adding a tactical conversion kit to your Mossberg 500 pump shotgun, we have searched for the best we could find. Out list and recommendations are meant to help you find the best conversion for your needs and expectations. Let’s get right to the list.

Best Choice –  Pro Mag Archangel Mossberg 500 Stock System with Shell Carrier

The Pro Mag Archangel tactical conversion kit for the Mossberg 500 makes my list as the best overall choice. Pro Mag is well known for its accessories and add-ons for almost all firearms. The Pro Mag Mossberg 500 tactical conversion kit is, in my opinion, one of the best kits Pro Mag offers.

The Pro Mag Mossberg 500 tactical kit is complete in every sense of the word. Once installed on your Mossberg 500 pump shotgun, you will be hard-pressed to find a need for other accessories. Looking at this kit’s included features leaves no misunderstanding about why this kit is my choice for best overall.

  • Ergonomic textured pistol grip
  • Locking storage in the pistol grip
  • Teardrop-shaped extension tube for assisted sight picture
  • Cheek riser included
  • Six position collapsible stock allows adjustment to fit any shooter
  • Military length fore-end comes with a smooth fore cap or with an aluminum tri-rail
  • Available with an optional shell carrier
  • Constructed of high strength carbon fiber and glass-reinforced polymer
  • <molded in quick detach hardpoints for sling swivels
  • Recoil insert pads included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • Well built
  • Adds a whole new dimension to the Mossberg 500
  • Easy installation in most cases


Easiest to Install – Magpul Buttstock & M-Lok for end Kit

Magpul is a premier producer of aftermarket firearms accessories. Magpul’s Mossberg tactical conversion kit maintains the exceptional quality and functionality for which Magpul is known. In addition to its reputation for quality, Magpul accessories excel for their ease of installation.

This Mossberg tactical conversion kit will bring you exactly what you want for those of you who want that distinctive Magpul look. This kit includes the Magpul SGA stock and the Magpul M-LOK fore-end. The features of the Magpul SGA stock and M-Lok fore-end are impressive.

  • Adjustable length of pull using spacers allows adjustments in ½ inch increments
  • Recoil reducing butt pad
  • Integral right/left 1.25-inch sling loops
  • The SGA stock fits the Mossberg 500/590/590A1 12-gauge shotguns
  • Fully ambidextrous design
  • M-Lok fore-end compatible with all M-Lok accessories
  • Increased length allows better pump operation
  • Narrow profile for better handling and manipulation
  • Available in different colors for a customized look


  • Ergonomic design is one of the best available
  • Easy to adjust the length of pull
  • QD sling mount point on both sides of the stock
  • Built-in hand stops on the foregrip make manipulating the slide easy no matter the conditions


  • Removing the trigger group may be difficult with the stock in place
  • The foregrip may require some adjusting to fit some models

Folding Stock – ATI Mosstck Tactical Conversion Kit

If a fixed stock tactical conversion kit is not your style, you should consider the tactical conversion kit for your Mossberg 500. This kit features a top folding stock that allows you to shorten your Mossberg 500 for easier handling and quicker responses. The folding stock configuration is unique and retains a full-length stock’s convenience and accuracy with the shortened profile for easier entry and exit from vehicles or working in close quarters.

The Mosstck folding stock conversion kit is complete and will transform your Mossberg 500 into a unique pump shotgun configuration. You won’t find any features lacking in this design.

  • Features a top folding stock with an integral 5 round shotshell holder
  • The tactical fore-end is complete with Picatinny rail for adding lights, lasers, or other options
  • The fore-end features a steel heat shield for protection and comfort
  • The stock includes an integral sling swivel stud
  • Constructed from DuPont Extreme Reinforced Polymer.
  • Picatinny rail on the fore-end allows the addition of many other optional accessories
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy installation with no special fitting or adjustments necessary


  • Unique design keeps the profile of the Mossberg shotgun small and lean
  • Well-built of rugged reinforced polymer
  • Easy to install, not fitting required on most Mossberg 500 shotguns
  • quick conversion from folded to unfolded


  • The conversion may not be legal in some states
  • The sights on the shotgun may be obscured when the stock is folded

Side Folding Stock – ATI Strikeforce Side Folding Stock

If over-the-top styles of folding stock don’t suit your needs, but you still want the maneuverability and convenience of a folded stock on your Mossberg 500, ATI has the answer as well. The ATI Strikeforce side folding stock is the answer in many ways.

While many police departments and military forces have seen the practical application of folding stocks on shotguns, this conversion style is becoming more and more popular among people wanting a shotgun for home defense. The ATI Strikeforce Side Folding stock is a perfect solution to creating a compact and versatile pump shotgun.

The Strikeforce side folding stock from ATI doesn’t come packaged with a foregrip. You must provide that separately. Many people doing a Mossberg shotgun conversion are happy with the standard factory foregrip and opt only to change the stock and handgrip.

  • Adjustable to six positions for length of pull
  • Side folding design
  • It comes stock with the Scorpion Recoil System
  • Folds to the left side of the shotgun receiver
  • Adjustment system based on the TrakLOCK system to prevent horizontal and vertical movement
  • Dual side quick detach sling mounts on the stock
  • Recoil reducing pistol grip
  • Recoil reducing butt pad
  • Easy installation
  • Manufactured using Dupont Extreme Reinforced Polymer
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • Easy to install. Complete instructions that were understandable and clear
  • Comfortable to shoot despite the lightweight
  • Great fit out of the box. No wobbles or adjustments needed
  • Visually appealing. It gives the Mossberg a very tactical look and feel


  • It May not fit older Mossberg 500 shotguns

Best Stock Look – Hogue Overmolded Tactical Conversion Kit

Hogue Stock Mossberg 500 Overrubber Shotgun Stock Kit with Forend

Suppose the classic look for your Mossberg 500 shotgun is important, but you want to upgrade your shotgun’s performance and useability. In that case, the Hogue overmolded tactical conversion kit is a great choice. This stock and fore-end conversion kit combo retains the classic style of shotgun stock but brings the Hogue product name’s comfort and reliability.

Hogue has long been known for its line of both pistol and rifle furniture. The overmolded tactical conversion kit for the Mossberg 500 continues in the tradition of attention to quality and fit. The features brought to the market in this Hogue after-market kit should impress anyone.

  • Molded from black rubber for consistent quality of fit and finish
  • The non-slip finish makes this stock useable under any conditions
  • Designed for a standard length of pull
  • Includes a soft recoil cushion butt pad
  • Ambidextrous design


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Comfortable to shoot
  • True ambidextrous design
  • Rugged and durable materials


  • Not the easiest conversion kit to install

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Best Minimalist – Choate Folding Shogun Conversion Kit

Sometimes less is more. If you are one of the minimalist crowd, the Choate Side Folding Shotgun Conversion kit should fit your fancy. This kit is complete, but there isn’t much except the stock and foregrip, as you might expect from a minimalist title.

Choate is famous for its rifle stocks and other accessories. It should come as no surprise that the Choate line of shotgun upgrade parts and kits is popular as well. If you intend to build a lightweight Mossberg 500 shotgun that is lean, sleek, and quick, the Choate Side folding conversion kit is a natural.

  • Kit includes the side folding stock and a minimum length fore-end
  • Constructed of 4140 steel and fiberglass filled plastic
  • Includes a ¾ inch recoil pad
  • Integral sling loops
  • Weighs just 2 lbs.
  • Length of pull – 14 inches


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install, Great fit, and finish
  • Minimal bulk and weight keep the gun lean and fast
  • Improves the overall performance of the shotgun


  • It May not fit older models of Mossberg 500 shotguns

Best Budget – ATI Shotforce Pistol Grip Stock

Sometimes all you may want is the addition of a pistol grip to your Mossberg 500. The additional stability and control that a pistol grip can afford is a plus in any situation. ATI offers a budget-friendly solution with their Shotforce Pistol Grip stock.

You can keep the traditional good looks of your Mossberg shotgun and have the comfort and ergonomic feel of a pistol grip stock by adding this ATI conversion kit. The features of this stock are by no means budget, but the price says otherwise.

  • Reinforced pistol grip for durability and longevity
  • Slim ergonomic design
  • Standard 14” length of pull
  • Non-slip pistol grip texture
  • Recoil reducing butt pad
  • Easy installation
  • Adapters included for all versions and models of Mossberg shotguns
  • Uses the factory stock bolt
  • Swivel stud sling attachment
  • Dupont Extreme Glass Reinforced Polymer
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • Easy installation with the included adapters
  • It makes shooting slugs or Turkey loads more comfortable
  • Comfortable to shoot and to handle
  • Priced right


  • Adapters may need fitting on some shotguns

What are the Legalities of Converting My Mossberg 500 to a Tactical Shotgun?

If your shotgun meets the federally mandated minimums for the length of the barrel and the shotgun’s overall length, there are no legal restrictions. Specifically:

  • The barrel can be no shorter than 18 inches from the breach to the muzzle.
  • The overall length of the shotgun with the stock extended must be at least 26 inches.

If your shotgun meets these minimum requirements, there is not permitting, licensing, or taxing required

What other Accessories Might I want on a Tactical Shotgun?

Generally, people convert their Mossberg 500 shotguns to a tactical version to use as home defense or personal defense firearms. When choosing additional options or accessories, you should consider how you may use the shotgun. Some of the more popular accessories added to converted shotguns include:

  • Flashlights – A flashlight is a natural addition to a tactical shotgun. Most home defense encounters occur at night. Having a light attached to your shotgun frees your hands to maneuver, aim and fire the shotgun if the need arises. Trying to hold a flashlight in one hand and fire a shotgun with the other is a recipe for disaster.
  • Laser Sight – There are several good laser sights designed to attach to your Mossberg 500. The advantage of a laser sight is instant recognition of a target. When properly installed and sighted, you can be sure that your shotgun is pointed at that target wherever the laser dot appears.
  • Shell Holders – Shotguns, especially those with shorter barrels, carry a limited number of shotgun shells in the tube. Having additional shotgun shells in a holder attached to the shotgun keeps your extra ammo close at hand.
  • Slings – Most tactical shotguns have sling swivels, or quick detach sling mounts. Having a sling allows you to carry your shotgun easily and safely while keeping one or both hands-free for other jobs.

The Tactical Conversion – Pick your Style and Go!

Doing a tactical conversion on a Mossberg 500 is a relatively easy task. Most kits don’t require any gunsmithing or fitting. A tactical conversion can turn your standard Mossberg 500 into a formidable and more efficient home defense weapon.

I hope that this list and these tips help you with your Mossberg 500 tactical conversion. If you have comments, questions, suggestions, or experiences you would like to share, please use the reply sections below. We all benefit from each other’s inputs, so don’t be hesitant to add yours. Good luck and good shooting.


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