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The biggest mistake that prepper can make is considering their effort a job that can be completed in list fashion. Prepping is much more like a lifestyle change and forces you to become something a little different than you are.

This is were many beginning prepper see the rewards of their hard work. However, this long term endeavor requires some level of maintenance to stay up on it all. After about 5 years you will find that you have taken ownership of a lot of things, plans and places. From that point its about upkeep.

Every prepper should have a serious preparedness maintenance plan. This plan should include your home maintenance but also annual preparedness maintenance, as well. Sure, if you don’t get it down on paper it will be near impossible but with a little organization you can become a force.

Lets look at three must haves on that list.

Food Storage

One of the most important parts of prepper maintained is the quality and quantity of your food storage. You have to be well aware of what you have on hand and whether or not its enough. This requires a physical inventory and date checks.


You should at least have one BOL that you consider. Preppers can often have many locations and you need to be sure that those locations are just what you need them to be. This means you have to go and check on them.

This will also alert you to whether people have found or taken your locations.

Threat Analysis

Its always worth going over an annual threat analysis. This can make all the difference. You never know what new threats have arisen since your last threat analysis. Things change at a rapid pace so this should also be part of your prepper maintenance plan.

The biggest mistake that prepper can make is considering their effort a job that can be completed in list fashion.

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