Let’s Talk About Thanksgiving [PODCAST]

Preparedness Series Part 4 Wrap-up.

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Let’s Talk About Thanksgiving

  1. We have made the choice to become Prepared because Bad things happen to Good People
  2. Now we are going to start Camping/Hiking so we can get out into the “Wild” and learn some basic Skills and Make a list of our needs and any family members needs
  3. So now we move Left or Right on the Step we are on to focus on the Diet thing, this is where we choose the path based on a desire to Eat Right and become less dependent on the Super Market Diet.
  4. Learn all we can to either Hunt or Garden and start acquiring the tools and equipment you will need. Choosing one path saves you tons of cash because you are focused on that main part of your Prepping Stuff. You will no longer be going from one subject to the other.

It’s hard to explain but when you start out, it is so easy to become distracted and confused, you will hear things like “Get your Beans, Band-aids, and Bullets together”.

But if you are not going to eat Beans, why buy a bunch of those, Right? If your thoughts on getting out of Dodge is a small vehicle or on foot, do you want a lot of heavy bullets?

So your plan will be very YOU Driven, to avoid becoming Overwhelmed you will need to do some thinking about your needs and Diet. Follow these easy steps and you can stay on track, Your Track.

I LOVE Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for, and I bet, if you think about it, so do you.

The first Thanksgiving was different than what they may have taught us in school, the reasons for the Pilgrims Abundance was not what I learned anyway.

Here is a better way to understand why those Pilgrims were so very Thankful.

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