Left-Wing Marxists Create Website To Map & Target Trump Donors

These people mean business. I don’t know for certain if they’re Marxists, though I suspect it. This is what they do. They are doxing any and all Trump donors / supporters. That means they’re revealing names and home addresses of people whom they apparently hope are targeted in some way.

More specifically, they’re siphoning donor names from FEC (Federal Election Commission) website data and then tying those names with their home address — and putting it all in a searchable database with mapping.

They want revenge. They want you punished. Targeted. I’ve said this a number of times recently. I know that I sound like a broken record. But new information during the past 24 hours has confirmed their intensity. They. Hate. You.

Tucker reported on it last night too. This morning I’ve read other articles about this in general. One of which revealed a specific website (I suspect there are many) designed for lefties to lookup “targets”.

The FEC data is public information. That’s no secret. Though most people don’t know about it. The difference here is the FEC does not make public the addresses of donors.

The Marxists have taken it to the next level. They’ve applied addresses and map lookup to this data. Why? Well, you tell me…

Again, presently this particular doxing is apparently limited to those who have donated money.

However if history repeats or rhymes, this is just the beginning for these Marxists.

Oh, the website boasts “Americans That Give Money to Support a Racist”


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