Last Lap Of The Qualifying Race

We are about to begin what could be the most challenging times we have ever witnessed. I have a bad feeling about this. I’m sure many of you do too.

If you are not already very well prepared, it’s too late. Although I do not intend to discourage newbies, the events we may be about to encounter could go way beyond Preparedness Level 1 or 2.

As much as I try to rationalize that our near future will “just” be “bumpy”, my gut says otherwise. The stakes are too high for the many “players” at this point. And there are a LOT of things in play right now. It is a perfect storm. We do not have the power to change its direction. It simply must run its course.

The Plan Is About To Go Live

All eyes are on the U.S., right now. I do not need to rehash the political consequences of the upcoming election. However I can tell you with near certainty that “powers” have been planning for a long time. Violence and Chaos WILL erupt – REGARDLESS. Antifa, BLM Marxists, and other organized attackers. Think you’ve already seen their rioting and violence? You aint seen nothin yet…

Think you’ve seen Big Tech suppression and de-platforming so far? You aint seen nothin yet… There are well-prepared plans to silence the influencers beyond what we’ve already seen.

The election will be dramatically contested. It may drag on for months – blowing up into a split government, so to speak, as no one concedes while violence in the streets erupt into an inferno.

There are foreign entities salivating, chomping at the bit… waiting for the perfect moment to do what they’re going to do – while the U.S. is burning. Cyber-attacks? Grid-down? Taiwan invasion anyone? Or a “Red Dawn”?

At the same time, we here in the U.S., and around the globe, are facing financial economic catastrophe. Cities are shuddered. Businesses gone. The Covid Pandemic has killed it all. Main Street is essentially dead. Millions have been out of work. Many are not paying their Rents and Mortgages. The lag effects are about to hit us. The money changers (global banking systems) are against the wall. A digital currency (currencies) is seemingly their only way out – along with a Great Reset as the world swims in incomprehensible debt.

We Are On The Last Lap

The qualifying race is about to end. The real contest is about to begin. The thing is, no one is going to “win”. It’s going to be a mess.

Your objective is to finish the race. To survive with minimal damage. Those who make it to the end might look back on these days as the “good days”.

We are at a turning. Our future will not be the same.

It’s time to lay low. Under the radar. Situation aware.

Vote (if you haven’t already) and get home.

It’s about to “Go Live”…


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