It Was Never About Trump

This morning I find it difficult to think about what’s likely to happen in the coming months, years. That’s not my intent for this post. Suffice it to say that never before in U.S. history will such an extremely far left government have full control after January 20th. That means there will be rapid and radical “transformations” pipe-lining into your way of life, be it directly or indirectly.

Never again will a non-conformist president, senator, or congressmen gain position in this new government. Seeing the establishment power on full display these months (and 4 years) has been, and is, astounding. Chilling.

Which brings me to the thought of my post…

What is the underlying reason why Trump supporters are so angry? Was this ever about Trump himself?

It was never really about Trump, the man. No. Rather it was about representing a set of ideals that resonated with so many. Some of which were anti-establishment (deep state swamp), the concept of America first, patriotism.

Trump just so happened to be the outsider that people employed as a sort of wrecking ball to the establishment. He was “just what the doctor ordered” for this, right? His strong anti-establishment demeanor, fighting attitude, being loud and obnoxious, abrasive, telling it like it is, no bull shit personality…

His election in 2016 was not only a shocking surprise to the deep state establishment, but it showed just how many people in America were (are) fed up with it (the swamp)(and 8 years of Obama).

The underlying problem that we have here is deep rooted.

The hundreds of thousands (some say possibly nearly a million) peaceful protestors in DC January 6th were there not so much because of Trump the man. Rather, it was the culmination of a number of things…

  • 4 years of being bashed non-stop for one’s ideals by the mainstream and radical left
  • 4 years of non-stop false attempts to oust the outsider non-conforming president mucking up the works
  • the total lack of transparency into the egregiously fraudulent 2020 election
  • the specter of a far left radical government should Trump lose (which he didn’t – but he’s out via fraud)

So this morning as I contemplate what just happened, there are several thoughts:

They are all piling on… We who posses ideals of patriotism and liberty (basically the Trump nation of 75 million) are now vilified forever, given yesterday’s events which was largely a peaceful march by the vast majority. However the Capital Building incident – which was evidently initially instigated by Antifa infiltrator provocateurs – is being labeled as insurrection (though I’ve never heard of an unarmed insurrection). A grand mainstream opportunity to forever label ALL patriots as horrible, despicable, (fill in the blank). We are all targets now. Being a patriot has become shameful in the eyes of mainstream.

The problem here is not Trump. The real problem (to them) are the underlying ideals of his supporters. And this new radical left government knows it — and will do everything they can to discourage and/or dispose of those ideals.

Life will go on. However I do know that water and oil don’t mix. We live in a nation of largely two very opposing ideals. They don’t mix. One of them is soon about to rule over the other. I wish there were a better way or better result. But here we are.

All of the things they’ve promised (I’ve written about many of them) will be coming to pass, soon.

Yes, I am discouraged. However there’s one thing that (sort of) gives me some enlightenment at the moment. Do you know what that is? It’s kind of like pushing back from the table and saying “Okay, good luck with that.” and getting up and walking away. The damage they will likely cause while implementing their far left radical agendas could be epic. “Good luck with that…”


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