Is Your Family Prepared? 13 Questions Every Mom Should Ask Herself…

If you’re a few days behind on your to-do list and can’t seem to recover your home from its constant disarray, pat yourself on the back. Because you’re doing it right — motherhood is tough.

(Just a typical day around our home 😉

You’re not alone though, busy moms barely have enough groceries and juice boxes to get through the week, let alone enough food storage and water to survive a major catastrophe. But keep in mind, properly planning protects your family for any type of disaster or emergency.

Is Your Family Prepared?

A busy schedule doesn’t mean you can’t learn the basic survival skills (water purification) and dabble in the advanced stuff (understanding AR-15 accessories).

Use the following infographic as a guide for testing your survival skills and learning the survival essentials that can keep your family safe for the unexpected.

13 Survival Skills Infographic - Is Your Family Prepared?

13 Questions Every Mom Should Ask Herself…


1- Can you find food?

2- Can you prepared food?

3- Can you grow and farm food?

4- Do you have enough food stored for a year?


5- Do you know how to find water?

6- Do you know how to purify water?

7- Do you have water stored for a year?


8- Do you have a bug out location?

9- Are you able to build shelter on the go?


10- Can you accurately shoot a firearm?

11- Can you maintain and assemble firearms?


12- Are you able to communicate by primitive methods?

13- Can you coexist with others in a survival situation?

What’s Your Survival Score?

Don’t beat yourself up if you failed miserably. I scored 7/13 ( 54%) – and I was even being generous with my answers 😉

Of course you don’t need to be proficient in each of these areas (I have yet to meet someone who is), but it gives you some things to consider when coming up with your family preparedness plan.

Only you know what’s important to help prepare your family, but I encourage you to figure out what that is and start doing something about it!

Because most likely – no one else is going to be doing it for you!

Share your survival score below, and let me know what preparedness goals you’ve set! I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours 😉

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