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  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Jim and I’m from the UK. I have spent 20+ years as a countryside ranger where I taught survival skills, amongst other things.

I taught specific survival skills such as fire lighting, finding water, using plants for medicine, using plants for food, shelter building etc., as well as other ‘lost’ skills such as willow weaving and using plants for natural dyes.

A big part of my job was being aware and knowledgeable about the natural world around me.

Even when I had time off from work my favourite pass time was to take a bivy bag and rucksack out into various woodlands and live off the land for a few days.




  1. Is there an event in your life that has played a role in you becoming a prepper?

Most certainly it has been my ranger experience. There is always something to learn and nature will always provide a solution to your problems, whether it is food, warmth, shelter, or otherwise. You just need knowledge and preparation to know where to look and what to do.



  1. This pandemic has made a lot of people take emergency supplies very seriously. What advice do you have for newbie preppers?

My advice would be to step back from the situation and consider what you actually need right now and for the next few weeks. It amazed me how quickly toilet paper was cleaned off the shelves! What goes through people’s minds when they potentially have a food shortage, to start stocking up on TP?! I can wipe my arse on a million things!


  1. Do you personally have a preparedness goal you are currently working on?

I currently have two things I’d like to achieve. The first is to create a store in my attic. The recent pandemic was the first real panic-buying scenario I’ve experienced so I’ve learned a lot about what I actually need and the weaknesses in my overall preparedness. So, I’m going to build a stash in my attic for the next time round.

Secondly, I want to have identified several places in the countryside where I can go and harvest food from the wild. It’s no good to pop to the local woods. I need a substantial area where I won’t be competing with others for natural resources. I have a few ideas, but I need to go and check them out and have them identified and ready for when it really does hit the fan!


  1. What are the top five preparedness supplies you usually have with you in some way or another?

In the UK it’s illegal to carry any fixed blade or lock knife, and a folding non-lockable knife over 3 inches  ‘without good reason’. Unfortunately, being a prepper is not a good reason! So, I keep mine in the back of my car. A knife is the single most important tool in my opinion. Along with that I have a Gore-Tex bivy bag, a water carrier, and water purification tablets. I also keep a small survival kit with the usual supplies such as a fishing kit and fire lighter.


  1. Tell us a little about your company. How did you come up with the name Click Survival?

My website has been an idea of mine for many years. If I could turn my passion into a business and share my knowledge along the way, then it’s a win-win. I’m also enjoying building links in the prepper community and hearing from like-minded individuals from around the world.

I wanted my website name to be easy to remember and reflect the fact it is online (hence ‘click’) and on the subject of survivalism and prepping (hence ‘survival’). Oh, and all the really good website names have been taken! The website is

  1. What was your inspiration behind creating a FREE Report On How to Build the Ultimate Disaster Survival Kit?

Building a decent survival kit should be the foundation of all survivalists and preppers. It is fundamental to what we all believe in. There’s a lot of ’10 bullet point’ lists for survival kits out there, but I wanted to offer my visitors something better!

My free report is 34-pages and includes not just survival kit items that you must have, but also vital tips for prepping and long term storage. Once people sign up to claim their free report, they’ll also receive several more free reports over the coming weeks!

People can claim their free survival kit report here.


If you have any questions for Jim add them in the comments below!


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