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1. Prepper Interview Bunker Bob – Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a city-based prepper working in the financial services technology industry. I’ve been prepping for the past 5 years. After growing concerned about technology overreach, the widening wealth gap, government incompetence, and environmental disasters, I decided to do everything I can to become more self-reliant. Moreover, I wanted to take it upon myself to educate others about preparedness, which is ultimately how came into being.


2. Is there an event in your life that has played a role in you becoming a prepper?

Like many people in their 30’s, I will never forget how strong of an impact the financial crisis had on an entire generation of people. Millions of Americans were crushed under the weight of their debts. This economic disaster made me realize just how important preparedness is. To ensure I’m never financially wiped out as a result of others’ actions, I’m frugal, skeptical of large debt burdens, and working to build an increasingly large rainy day fund. I also realize that financial disaster is just one type of SHTF event. I’ve been doing everything I can to develop additional skills to help me mitigate other risks, such as natural disasters, health threats, etc.


3. This pandemic has made a lot of people take emergency supplies very seriously. What advice do you have for newbie preppers?

I view prepping to be an investment of both time and money. You should be frugal with each. Teach yourself important skills, such as self-defense and first-aid application. Additionally, invest in your personal health and fitness. It’s easy to avoid breaking the bank by buying tactical gear and big guns. Should SHTF, these purchases may prove to be impractical anyway. Prioritize your safety and health, then your financial preparedness, and as you have additional discretionary savings, begin to focus on additional, yet lower priority preps.

Prepper Interview Bunker Bob

4. Do you personally have a preparedness goal you are currently working on?

Yes. Ideally, my wife and I are able to build enough of a financial safety net to immunize ourselves from the next financial crisis. As I mentioned, the recession motivated me to begin prepping. I suppose that I won’t consider myself prepared until I feel like I can weather the next economic disaster. To do this, we’re working on building additional income streams, being frugal with our spending, and are making what we believe to be prudent investments. Additionally, we’re physically active and are constantly learning and developing new skills.


5. Have your prepping supplies ever come in handy in an emergency?

Our preps came in handy during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic. While many people in New York City were descending upon grocery stores and buying up toilet paper, my wife and I had enough supplies to endure the spike in demand. We had plenty of canned food, disposable face masks, and yes, toilet paper. I believe that practical preps of this nature serve as insurance. It’s good to give yourself a buffer, should another disaster create a spike in demand for goods in short supply. Build the buffer now.

Bunker Basics

6. Tell us a little about your company.

Bunker Basics is a website that stresses the importance of insurance against disaster. Prepping involves many things, like financial prudence, skill development, and risk mitigation, to name a few. As I continue on my own preparedness journey, I share tips I’ve learned, as well as tips experts recommend. My ultimate goal is to help enable people to protect themselves from the devastating effects of a very risky and uncertain world.


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Prepper Interview Bunker Bob

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