Ins and Outs of the Best Taurus G2C Sights: 6 Picks with Pros and Cons

The Taurus G2C is one of the most popular weapon choices for concealed carry. Considering the Taurus G2C as a concealed carry weapon has a lot of advantages. The size and weight of this Taurus pistol make it an excellent choice for most people.

Carrying a concealed pistol requires that you consider every situation that may arise. Situations that may require you to draw and fire your concealed firearm aren’t always perfect range conditions with sunlight and easily visible targets.  

As good a pistol as the Taurus G2C is, it has one glaring deficiency that any shooter should rectify as soon as possible. The factory sights on the Taurus G2C just aren’t adequate for low-light or nighttime use. A good set of low-light sights will benefit anyone carrying the Taurus G2C.

What We Found on the Market For Taurus G2C Sights

We searched and found what we believe to be the best options for adding better sights to your Taurus G2C. Some of our choices are complete sight sets. Some are front sights only, and some are rear sights only. We have included one optical sight for those who want to mount a red dot sight on your Taurus G2C.

These are, of course, not the only sights available. We would mount these sights if we choose a Taurus G2C as our primary concealed carry weapon. You must make your own decision about the best option that fits your needs and your shooting style.

The Best of the Best – Truglo Tritium Pro Handgun Sight Set for the Taurus G2C

Truglo Tritium Pro Handgun Sight Set for the Taurus G2C

Without a doubt, the Truglo Tritium sights are the choice for night sights for almost any pistol. The tritium inserts last for years and provide bright, sharp dots easily seen in any light conditions. There are several reasons that we put the Truglo Pro Handgun sights at the top of our list.

  • No batteries. The tritium inserts glow without sunlight or batteries
  • The Truglo Pro sights for the Taurus G2C are full sets, including a front and rear sight
  • Truglow CNC machines these sights from aircraft-grade aluminum for a precision fit
  • A nitride black finish protects the Truglo sights from corrosion

What We Like

  • These are the best sights for nighttime tactical applications. They never fail to illuminate under any conditions.
  • Installation is easy on most Taurus G2C pistols. No need for special machining or a gunsmith.
  • These Taurus sights are well-built and durable. They will last for many years without problems and no batteries to change.
  • The tight quality control and CNC machining ensures greater accuracy

What We Don’t Like

  • These sights don’t have any elevation adjustments
  • The front screw can be a bit long when fitted to some Taurus G2C pistols.

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If you want accuracy, durability and an unfailing light source, tritium night sights are your only real option. The Taurus Pro sights fit all these requirements. The one downside for many who carry the Taurus G2C as a concealed firearm is the cost of these sights.

Next to the Best – R3D Tritium Night Sight

R3D Tritium Night Sight

Tritium night sights are a necessity, not a luxury, if you carry your concealed firearm at night. In a tense situation, worrying about acquiring a sight picture with your concealed carry firearm is not a problem you want to face. A set of replacement tritium sights from R3D can be the answer. These sights built by R3D make our list as the next to the best replacement sights for several reasons.

  • High contrast tritium inserts available in green or orange to enhance your low-light and nighttime sight visibility.
  • These R3D tritium pistol sights are easy replacements for the factory Taurus G2C sights
  • R3D includes a front sight replacement tool with every set of tritium sights to make the installation almost effortless.
  • Precision machining of the tool steel is done in the USA in the R3D factory in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • The R3D 10-year warranty backs each set of R3D tritium sights.

What We Like

  • We like the bright tritium inserts available in two colors.
  • The rear sight features a blacked-out design with an angle the prevents daytime glare from interfering with the sight picture.
  • Including a front sight tool with the kit is a great idea, especially for unfamiliar front sight change mechanics.
  • R3D offers a great warranty backed by a Texas company that produces its products using US materials.

What we Don’t Like

  • Installing the rear sight may require a tool to get the sight to slide properly into the dovetail.

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The only reason the R3D tritium night sights didn’t edge out the Truglo sights is the matter of reputation. Truglo has such a great reputation among shooters that it is a natural number one. R3D offers great products at great prices, but they don’t yet have the reputation and history to back up their sights.

Best Target Shooting Replacement Sight – L.P.A. Sights Taurus Adjustable Rear Sight

L.P.A. Sights Taurus Adjustable Rear Sight

If your pistol shooting is more geared toward targets than concealed carry, accuracy and adjustability take a more important place in your sight decision. A sight with adjustable windage and elevation is probably one of the features you want from a pistol sight.

The L.P.A. Sights adjustable rear sight for your Taurus G2C is a great option for those who compete and need an adjustable sight for their pistol. Easy to adjust windage and elevation screws offer sharp detent clicks to make adjustments quick and easy. Among the other features of the L.P.A. Sights adjustable pistol sights are:

  • Available as a direct replacement of the factory sight on your Taurus G2C. No machining or gunsmithing is needed to make the replacement.
  • These sights are CNC machined from solid steel for durability and precision
  • Bright white dots maintain the consistent sight look of your Taurus G2C.
  • There is no need to replace your front sight. The L.P.A. Sight adjustable rear sight functions perfectly with the Taurus factory G2C front sight.

What we Like

The functional design of the L.P.A. Sights replacement sight for your Taurus G2C is well thought out. The sight is clean, low-profile, and secure.

  • This adjustable sight has easy to manipulate adjustment screws with positive clicks.
  • The tapered dovetail fitting makes installation easy with special tools or gunsmithing.
  • The steel construction and finish ensure a durable and long-lasting set of sights for your Taurus G2C pistol.

What We Don’t Like

  • The dots on the rear of the sight come in only one color. Contrasting colors might make this sight a bit easier to use.

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Not everyone needs fully adjustable rear sights for a Taurus G2C. However, if you are a dedicated target shooter who wants to get the best accuracy possible from your Taurus G2C, a set of windage and elevation adjustable rear sights is a good investment.

Best Fiber Optic Rear Sight – Novak Taurus 24/7 OSS X-Model Rear Sights

Tritium sights are expensive. Standard sights may not give you the best sight picture in a low-light situation. If your budget prohibits tritium sights, but you want to carry your Taurus G2C concealed with sights that give you some low-light benefits, the Novak OSS X-Model rear sight may be a good option. The fiber-optic inserts gather light and make sight acquisition in less than favorable light conditions much easier. These Novak sights make our list for multiple reasons.

  • The Novak OSS X-model sights are extremely low profile. Their design focuses on concealed carry.
  • Rounded corners and beveled edges reduce snag problems in holsters and make for a more comfortable carry situation.
  • Factory spec dovetails make installation easy and quick
  • These sights are CNC machined from steel and have a black nitride finish making an extremely tough and durable sight.

What We Like

  • The low profile and design of these sights make them perfect concealed carry replacement sights for your Taurus G2C
  • If you don’t want tritium, but like the idea of an optically bright sight, the fiber optic rods are a great alternative
  • The fit and finish of these Novak OSS X-Model sights are superior

What We Don’t Like

  • If you want to change out both the front and rear sights, you can’t order a package. You must order each part separately.

Fiber optic rods are immensely popular for low-light shooting situations. Some people don’t like the idea of carrying a radioactive source close to their body for long periods. Fiber optic gives you almost the same level of sight enhancement without the radioactive option.

Best Red Dot Sight for the Taurus G2C – Vortex Viper Red Dot Optic

Vortex Viper Red Dot Optic

Another option for those who want to upgrade the sights on their Taurus G2C is a red dot sight. Many who carry their Taurus G2C regularly upgrade to a red dot optic. Our choice of red dot optics for the Taurus G2C is the Vortex Viper. We are huge fans of Vortex Optics products. The features that put the Vortex Viper on our list include:

  • The Vortex Optics Viper red dot sight has one of the lowest profiles on the market, making it easy to carry concealed.
  • This red dot optic is fully adjustable for windage and elevation using the positive click adjustments
  • No parallax means that where you see the dot, your shoot will impact.
  • Up to 30,000 hours on the lowest intensity illumination setting

What We Like

  • First and foremost, it is a Vortex Optic. You can’t go wrong with Vortex Optic Products, in our opinion.
  • Tough and durable construction ensures long life and reliable operation.
  • Red dot sights can provide the fastest and most accurate sight acquisition possible.
  • The Vortex lifetime no questions asked warranty is one of the best available.

What We Don’t Like

  • Mounting a Vortex Viper on the Taurus G2C involves either a special adapter plate or having the slide machined, drilled, and tapped by a competent gunsmith

Vortex Optics Viper Red Dot Sight – 6 MOA Dot

  • The Viper Red Dot Sight has a super low-profile making it perfect for handguns with cut-out slides.
  • The Viper’s low height allows it to co-witness with iron sights and the 6 MOA dot is easy to pick up…

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Red dot sights can make almost any shooter more accurate and faster. Many professionals who carry a pistol as part of their regular duties opt for a red dot sight mounted on their pistol. A red dot on your pistol requires a special holster and may not be as comfortable to carry, but the advantages often outweigh these minor inconveniences.

The Budget Alternative Red Dot Sight – Ade Advanced Optics Mini RD3-006x Green Dot Reflex Sight + Rear Sight Optic Mounting Plate

Ade Advanced Optics Mini RD3-006x Green Dot Reflex Sight + Rear Sight Optic Mounting Plate

If a Vortex Viper is not in your budget and you want a complete red dot package with a mounting adapter for your Taurus G2C pistol, the Ade Advanced Optics Mini Green Dot sight may be a good alternative. The Ade Advanced Optics reflex sight kit comes with the mounting plate adapter. The other features of this sight that get it on our list include:

  • The Ade reflex sight is durable and withstands the recoil shock of a slide mount consistently.
  • The front-mounted on/off switch is easy and intuitive to find and use.
  • Shock-proof and fog-proof. This reflex sight can be carried safely, rain or shine.
  • Ade Advanced Optics reflex sight has a 4 MOA dot with five illumination intensity settings

What We Like

  • The price is right for both a reflex sight and the mounting plate adapter for the Taurus G2C.
  • This reflex sight uses a standard Cr2032 battery for its power
  • If left illuminated at the lowest intensity setting, the battery will last for 270 hours.

What We Don’t Like

  • The adapter plate under the reflex sight makes this whole setup much higher and can cause problems with holstering and unholstering.

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If you need a budget alternative for a reflex sight, the Ade Advanced Optics reflex sight might be a good option. We wouldn’t suggest it for a regular concealed carry option, and this is certainly not a reflex sight for duty use. For a budget range option, the Ade Advanced Optics reflex sight should perform adequately for most shooters.

Getting on Point

The whole reason for upgrading sights on a pistol is to make it more accurate. This reason should be the driving force behind your decision on which replacement sights to add to your Taurus G2C. Second to this primary factor is your use of the pistol. We urge you to make the best possible decision, especially if your Taurus G2C is your primary carry firearm.

We hope this article has helped you decide which replacement sight is best for your situation. If you have comments, suggestions, or experiences to share, please use the section below. Your knowledge and experience are valuable to everyone in our community. Good luck and stay safe.


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