If the Biden – Harris Radical Left Wins… How To Prepare For What’s Next

OK Ken. Suppose Biden and the Left wins. And they begin to start passing their draconian and socialist laws. Gun grab. Very high taxes. “Green” laws. (Thinking about what has happened in Virginia). What should we all start doing differently? Anything? If we begin to head seriously towards socialism and all it entails, what will you be doing differently?

We have the GSM coming affecting food production. Probably an economic collapse. Shortages in food and goods. A fixed election (maybe ALL elections going forward)…the list keeps growing. I’m trying to think outside my ‘preparedness’ box. I’ve read a lot of writings by Selco and Jose in Venezuela, but cannot really process that all happening here. But it might. Thoughts?

~ DJ5280

The comment above is a great topic for the blog. I’ve addressed it before in various roundabout ways. However a fresh look is a good exercise. Why? Because the scenario is possible. A Biden-Harris victory, be it legitimate or otherwise.

The basic question to consider is, “What should we all start doing differently?” (if anything)

Most important, we must consider the probable changes. Then, determine if and how these changes might affect us personally. Lastly, figure out ways to deal with those (or decide not to).

Fundamental Change

Make no mistake about it. The New (radical) Left is the Democrat party, and in total control. You all probably know much of what they have promised for America. Their enforcement wings have made it very clear. “Fundamental” (Marxist) “change”. And that’s exactly what they’ll bring to America, if they are able.

The absolute worst case scenario would be the Marxists taking the White House and the House of Representatives (Congress AND Senate). Right now, it seems unlikely. Even if they gain the White House, the Senate should hold a Republican majority. The Congress may maintain a Democrat majority.

Draconian Laws?

To pass “draconian” laws, there is a process. And it’s not necessarily easy (designed that way). Certainly it’s WAY easier if a given party “owns” all branches!

How Are Laws Made?

Laws begin as ideas. First, a representative sponsors a bill. The bill is then assigned to a committee for study. If released by the committee, the bill is put on a calendar to be voted on, debated or amended. If the bill passes by simple majority (218 of 435), the bill moves to the Senate. In the Senate, the bill is assigned to another committee and, if released, debated and voted on. Again, a simple majority (51 of 100) passes the bill. Finally, a conference committee made of House and Senate members works out any differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. The resulting bill returns to the House and Senate for final approval. The Government Printing Office prints the revised bill in a process called enrolling. The President has 10 days to sign or veto the enrolled bill.


Executive Orders?

Now, with that said, there’s this thing called Executive Orders. THIS is where it could get mighty dicey with a Marxist puppet president… A president alone has great power to “fundamentally change” the nation in a variety of ways. Even beyond using executive orders.

Enough civics. What are they going to do?

“If Biden wins, they will end the filibuster; pack the court (adding more justices than the 9), turning it into a Progressive super-legislature; and add D.C. and Puerto Rico as states. Those steps will ensure a permanent Democrat majority, and life forever under the thumb of people who revel in destroying anyone who displeases them.”

(I read that this morning, and couldn’t agree more)

They will absolutely insure that they never lose power again. If they succeed, life as you know it will never be the same again (though it’s pretty messed up already). The United States of America will exist only in name. Fundamental Change will fundamentally change your life.

Some of the major changes that may likely affect you may include (some) of the following:

Obliterated Gun Rights

You already know that they will ban the most popular rifle in America. Many tens of millions will probably become felons overnight once they push it through. I believe Harris promised this as one of their first objectives. MANY additional gun related restrictions / bans will sail through via EO or otherwise. Why? So you cannot defend yourself or present a threat to tyranny rule. So if you don’t already have the most popular rifle in America (or the magazines thereof), you won’t ever be able to get one (legally). Good luck finding any of this stuff already (and ammo). It’s all gone… (what does that tell you?)

Massive Tax Increases

Your taxes will increase (at least for most people). Much of the initial round of Biden’s tax increases would come from reversing many of Trump’s tax cuts from 2017. Biden has also called for raising the corporate rate to 28%. This is all bad for your wallet. It is also bad for businesses. Most all taxes will go WAY UP. That’s what dems do. Every time. So say goodbye to any discretionary spending – if you’re lucky enough to have any.

Stock Market Crash

The stock market will probably crash to a great extent. Investors know that Marxist policies are bad for business. Your 401K will suffer badly. Say goodbye to retirement.

Great Depression

I suspect that a very bad “Greatest Depression” may set in. The policies of the radical left will likely cause massive job loss in many sectors. They’re promising ridiculous gains in “Green”, but most of us know that our way of life depends on cheap energy (Oil). They HATE oil, gas, coal (even if it’s clean). Costs will skyrocket as they put roadblocks upon fossil fuels. Chain reaction domino effects will tear across the nation’s businesses and your personal finances. A Great Depression seems unavoidable in that regard. Especially given our already teetering economy (Covid).


A collapsed stock market, ruined businesses and production losses will lead to shortages. Of what? I couldn’t tell you with certainty. The supply chains are a fragile thing. Many factors affect their flow and fluidity. Financials. Demands. Production. Capacity. Politics. Regulation.

Civil War

Will the resulting tensions and tyranny from a Marxist controlled way-of-life lead to a kinetic civil war from a freedom-loving resistance? I don’t know. If I had to answer today, I would generally say probably not. At least not in a major way. (Though I have caveats to that). The enforcement wing of the radical left has already been killing, ritoing and warring in well-known cities around the nation for months. Has there been resistance? No. Not really.

Caveats: Yes the civil war will go kinetic in a bigger way when it comes to “your” neighborhood. Right now it’s mostly in the blue-run cities. They will get their kinetic fight when they reach out for it. Marxists have a horrid and well known history of slaughtering their opposition. Most of us know that. We will not go down like the Jews did in Nazi Germany. Just saying.

What Should We All Start Doing Differently?

I suppose that depends on what you’ve already been doing. Which is different for each of us.

How bad will it get, and will it require major changes in my present life?

Listen, here’s the thing… Maintain a cool head (for now). We are hypothesizing scenarios whereby the New Left is able to implement their Marxist agenda. But will they actually really be able to do that? Even if they “get in”? Some of it, certainly they will. Though will it all come crashing down into a steaming pile of cow dung on a cool Fall morning? Well, I suppose that it could. Or something in-between. I just don’t know. So our preparedness ought to be level-headed, reasonable, adaptable, practical, smart, gray, self reliant, calculated, and precautionary.

Head for the hills?

Today I would not “sell everything and head for the hills” (although I already live there) 😉

What I mean by that is don’t do anything stupid you might regret! I happen to like living in the hills, away from the cities and lots and lots of people. That’s not to say that others may adapt where they presently live!

“Farmgirl” on the blog said, “Everything first depends on the choices one makes about AO and attitude. Head for the hills, stand and defend, blend and pretend?”

After that, it’s what adaptations are needed to implement the chosen strategy. If you’re heading for the hills, is the remote location set up with tools/supplies for the hard work of being self-sustaining for several years? If the choice is stay and keep your head down as long as you can before you have to stand and defend, there are lots of considerations, too.

~ Farmgirl


That pretty much sums up my primary areas of concern lately (months). This is what we have been working on.


Though our food inventories are well off, we have expanded our store of proteins. Namely eggs (got chickens this year) and meat for the chest freezers. I’ve got lots of carb foods already in storage (rice, grains, etc.). But I wanted a very good storage of meats too. Prices will go up, so it’s smart to do anyway.

I just like having PLENTY of stored food to “buy time” if we needed to get much more serious about our self-sufficiency here.

If it got real bad, I could easily raise some pigs (already done that with the neighbor) and we have the infrastructure for that here. Though enough feed could be a problem in a really collapsed world…

I never feel like I have enough materials in general. I wish I could have my own Home Depot on the “back 40 30″ 🙂 One’s inventory of general materials is an important consideration, based on your own circumstances.


Specific Security recommendations are nearly impossible. Do what you need to do, depending on your AO (area of operation). I personally feel very safe where I live. Though that hasn’t stopped me from shoring up various aspects of my personal and home security. I don’t care where you live… when people get desperate, they WILL do desperate things. Be very aware of that.

I don’t need to lecture most of you on what to do in the security department. Most of it is pretty fundamental. I have lots of articles here on the category of security. In my opinion, deterrence is Number One. Whatever you can do. Move along…nothing to see here…

Am I preparing for a kinetic civil war? Well let me ask you this – Where would this war be fought? It’s already down-and-dirty in several major cities in the country. That would get worse. More cities. I don’t live there. Never will. Do you live in a suburb of a city? It could spread out — depending on the cities blue-red color shade. I live rural. Nearest “city” is about 1.5 hours away. The rest in-between are small or medium towns. Though certainly there are radical leftists and young “progressives” who are sprinkled within these towns — and a near 50-50 split of dems/repubs in many general regions — will the civil war reach kinetic levels here? I doubt it. Unless there’s an invading foreign force, life will likely go on without too much disruption in this particular regard.

It so much depends on where you live as to how you may or may not be affected when it comes to social chaos.

I’m approaching 2,000 words. I’m guessing most of you probably will not have read it all. But if you scanned down to this line, lets hear from you. What should we all start doing differently? Anything?


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