I bought a stove instead of a car.

My husband almost spit out his espresso (just almost though because the man doesn’t dare waste good espresso) when I told him the price of our Lacanche range. In my mind it was simple. I would be buying a stove instead of a car.

Sure, a car is helpful when you need to go places, haul groceries, or… ya know… get to the emergency room or something. But I have a car already. It isn’t fancy – it’s a bare bones Suburban that’s doubled as a farm truck for many moons. It’s seen cars seats, toddlers, baby animals, and hay bales. It’s a bit rough around the edges, the engine eats oil, and the body is a bit damaged from a few farm run-ins.

She ain’t polished.

But still – when it came down to it, I decided to keep the ‘ol girl. She’ll serve our family until she can no longer trudge down the road.

I’d made up my mind.

That was three years ago now. I had to work hard and save up so we could pay cash for the big purchase – but we did it. And after six months of waiting for the build of our custom range, and paying an astronomical amount to get the propane piped into the kitchen, Madame Lacanche was finally settled into the kitchen in all her glory.


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