How To Transform A Space With Plants

For those living in small apartments or rental properties, one may feel in desperate need of the great outdoors. Even those with tiny yard spaces may feel frustrated with their perceived lack of “landscape.” Fortunately, those of us with limited resources can create environments that are both inviting and relaxing.

Decorating with plants can help to transform small dwellings and add much needed appeal to otherwise boring spaces.

How Plants Can Transform a Space

The manner in which plants can transform a space will vary greatly depending upon resources and the needs of the gardener. You can transform a space with plants both indoors and outdoors. However, the same general requirements of small space decorating will apply. Those beginning to transform a space with plants will need to account for the plant’s needs related to sunlight and water.

Foliage plants are among the most popular options for those looking to transform a place with plants. Decorating with plants that produce interesting and showy foliage is always on trend, as many of these specimens are highly adaptable when grown under conditions that receive less sunlight. This makes them ideal container plants indoors as well.

Though some may consider these plants to be less exciting than their more flowery counterparts, foliage plants can offer dramatic size and texture that creates great interest when small space decorating. When grown outdoors, various types of foliage vines can create a more organic atmosphere, plus add the dimension of height. This, in turn, may make many small spaces feel larger and more enjoyable.

Decorating with plants in containers is a given when referring to the growth of indoor houseplants. Potted plants can also be a key aspect in small space decorating outdoors. Potted plants located near entryways, such as gates and doors, will draw visitors and friends to your garden space.


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