How To Sight In A Red Dot Scope

To own a red dot scope is easier as numerous brand designs are readily available on online stores, which can be dispatched to your location. However, multiple gun owners have complained about how to sight with a red dot scope after having this equipment at home.

In this content, you will be enlightened about the basis of sighting with this equipment and how you can always use it in your leisure time with little or no supervision. If you have issues understanding one or two features of this gadget, you can seek the assistance of a veteran or do personal research online.


Step to follow when sighting in a red dot


If you want to practice your sighting range independently, you can always adhere to the following instructions to get a better view with no hurdle.

Know your range

You need to know the range planned for sighting before taking another step. With the knowledge of the field, you will be able to determine if it is necessary to adjust or zoom your target for a better aim.  Experts affirm that the distance of each range depends on the firearm of the red dot. According to research, the space for handguns is between 10-15 yards, while rifles could reach 100 yards.

Boresight for better accuracy

Although some veterans don’t follow this step, novices should kindly adhere to it for better practice. Boresight helps to aim your target better and lets you affirm the distance between your position and the aim. You can use numerous tools for this step, and if you don’t understand how to boresight, kindly check online tutorial videos for more clarification.

Take your first shot

Taking the first shot during red dot sighting helps to build morale for newbies. Also, it enables you to identify any defect in the weapon before shooting practice. Of course, you can always take more than a single shot depending on you want, but ensure you have locked your target and the weapon’s features are well-positioned.

Ensure the red dot group center matches the aim point

After your first shot, make sure you check the bullet marks. If you miss your target or bull’s eye, try adjusting the red dot to hit your aim.  Some features that help in hitting the bull’s eye include elevation knobs and windage.

The elevation knob helps to view your target vertically while the windage works in the horizontal position. If your bullet gets stuck during shooting practice, you can use the elevation knob to adjust the viewing equipment to match the hit point. This adjustment could help you aim lower to hit your center target better.

Repeat the procedures until you hit your center target

After making the necessary adjustments, if you did not hit the bull’s eye after the first round of shots, kindly follow steps 3 and 4 again. With practice, your target will hit soon. You can move closer to your target for better accuracy after following the precautions above.


Is there any difference between red dot scope and red dot sight?

Well, both are the same, with minor differences between them. The two types of equipment are mounted on firearms and help to hit targets during shooting practice. People often find it challenging to differentiate between the two pieces of equipment because of their numerous similar properties.

A military veteran in the US expresses that the significant difference between these two tools is their magnifying lens or properties. According to research, the scope has better and easier magnifying properties compared to sight.

You can always get either of the two when next you visit a gun store. The purpose of purchase will determine which gadget would better suit your needs.


Essential tools that aid sighting during shooting practice

After shooting one or two rounds of bullets, if you still have issues reaching your point, consider using any of the below tools;

Shooting bench

For comfortability and stability during shooting practice, you can get a shooting bench. This bench helps to position your hand to aim your target better with no stress.

The process of using a shooting bench is known as a supported sighting. Most gun veterans have affirmed the effectiveness it provides. Your bench desire can be designed according to you want and dispatched to your location.


Another effective tool that helps in zeroing your aim. Boresighter helps to align your scope reticle to the bore axis. With these tools, you will hit your center target with a few shots because it helps increase your sight view.

The three significant types of bore sighters are laser, optical and visual. The laser has a diode that points directly to your target, and most experienced shooters prefer this type because of its efficiency. The difference between optical and laser is the lack of diode, and it is installed at the tip of the gun, while visual boresighting involves using your naked eye to aim your target. Therefore, the visible type is not advisable for people with eye deficiency.


Common types of red dots in 2021

Why Preppers Want a Laser Rangefinder!

Some standard red dot you can install on your weapon in 2021 includes;

Standard rifle optics

They are tube-like in shape and are familiar with full-size ammunition. A group of users expresses that they prefer this weapon because it has a better lens and 3 MOA. Also, there is an option for night vision which makes it easy to use without being detected.

Miniature optics

Unlike standard rifle optics that are effective on bigger weapons, miniature optics fit better on a pistol. Thus, they serve as backup during training or confrontation. In addition, this weapon is easy to use and installed with a handgun.



Using a red dot scope for shooting practice does not require much stress. You only need to understand the rudiment of handling weapons and the necessary features essential during the exercise.

Irrespective of the position you plan to use for sighting, understanding the wind, gun type, and other factors may affect the possibility of hitting your aim better. If you have issues with sighting your point, kindly adjust either with the elevation knob or windage.

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How To Sight In A Red Dot Scope


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